Trash/Recycling PLUS


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  • Junk and DebrisPotwierdzone
    210 Admiral Cochrane Dr Annapolis, MD 21401, USA - Parole
    There is a large amount of trash along the roadway on the post office side of Admiral Cochrane Drive.
  • JunkPotwierdzone
    Mountain Estate Drive & Mountain Estate Ct. Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    There is a tire that has been sitting on Mountain Estate Dr right near Mountain Estate Ct for about a week now.
  • JunkPotwierdzone
    500 Matthews Ave Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    boxes on porch..
  • 250 Cross Creek Drive Glen Burnie, Maryland - South Gate
    I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but there are multiple lamps. chairs. stainless steel sinks. and wooden frame with tarp. etc filling the front yard/drive. The driveway is unfinished with a cement mixer in the yard (for over a year). There is a car on jacks. etc. The stuff is marked personal property, but clearly out in the open air in the front yard. It is now spilling onto the sidewalk. It's as if a hoarder has overfilled the house and moved on to filling the lawn. It is becoming a bigger collection/eye sore by the day. I can't imagine what their immediate neighbors are dealing with.
  • JunkOtwarte
    7826 Solari Ct Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
    This trailer is left, filled with construction debris, on the end of Countryside Drive and Solari Court every night. Someone is using the County road to store their trash; can they be cited for this?
  • JunkOtwarte
    1617 Knoxville Rd Edgewater, MD, 21037, USA - Londontowne
    This lot continues to be used as a storage lot. Currently, a commercial quantity of cut wood is strewn, uncovered in the lot. Additionally, the shed on the property is not secure, is unstable and has flammable products in it. Kids are always going into it.
  • JunkOtwarte
    1557 Farlow Ave Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - Crofton
  • 1353 Jamestowne Dr Severn 21144, United States - Severn
    Lots of trash in yard, makes neighborhood look trashy.
    Old washer torn apart, old lawn mower and other miscellaneous items.
  • JunkOtwarte
    2 Church St Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    This house at #2 Church St has had old carpeting and padding laying on the property for several weeks.
  • Tires Otwarte
    7385 L Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
    On crime watch patrol we came across tires left behind the building. You have to go around to the back of the buildings
    They just cleaned hazardous waste material, and stagnant water so they put up a do not enter sign. You can enter and go behind the old giant
  • JunkOtwarte
    2566 Ambling Cir Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - Crofton
    There has been furniture and metal junk left behind for the past 2 weeks. it is terrible eye sore to the community. I am not sure whoever put it out there ever requested a bulk trash pickup. Can someone please pick it up. I would like for my living community to stay nice and clezn.I moved to the area to avoid situations like this. Thank you
  • JunkOtwarte
    416 Rogers Ave Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    If trash won’t pick up junk what do I do with it. You guys have gotten really picky with this stuff crazy we pay taxes for this stuff. I don’t have a way to haul it away?