Open Issues: 22 Closed Issues: 13 Acknowledged Issues: 0
  • 196 Clinton Ave Brooklyn Ny - Fort Greene
  • 1276 Flatbush New York, New York - City Council District 40
    This apartment building has had numerous citations due to trash that is spread all over the sidewalk with bags bursting and often times next to or infront of the door. I have seen rodents nearby and it is a health hazard.
  • Corner Of Summit Ave And Highway 139 - The Heights
    The accessibility ramp at this intersection is completely broken. The other side of the road's sidewalk is permanently closed. This intersection is not ADA compliant and poses tremendous safety risk to anyone with a disability who might attempt to use it. This should be replaced with a tactile ramp to accommodate the individuals attending the school for the blind about a quarter of a mile away. I recognize that this area is a construction zone, but this ramp has been broken over a year. If JC is not the rightful recipient of this request due to this being a state Highway, please advise and I will forward accordingly.
  • 48-45 44th Street Woodside , New York - Sunny Side
    Sidewalk is extremely raised up by tree. It is really dangerous especially to the elderly.
  • 420-498 64th St New York - Sunset Park
    Sink hole repairs
  • 310 West 240th Street New York - Riverdale
    The entire side walk next to gaelic Park is cracked and unleveled. I've personally tripped a few times.
  • 1 East 32nd Street New York, New York - Gramercy
    The northeast corner of 32nd Street and 5th Avenue consistently and significantly floods, making it extremely difficult to navigate this intersection. I reported via 311 but the case was closed without remedying the issue. The photo attached is from Google maps and shows the corner when there is only moderate flooding.
  • 9349 Kingsley Crescent Richmond Richmond, British Columbia - Westerleigh-Castleton
    The sidewalk outside 11711 Williams Road is a Trip Hazard.
    We have stumbled over this migration in elevation twice during our daily walk around the neighbourhood.
  • 250-298 West 240th Street New York - Riverdale
    On Holland Ave and arnow Ave, on a daily basis drivers speed through this residential area at over 40 mph which is dangerous to the children in the area. There are some pot holes yes but truly what is needed is speed bumps to help limit drivers and reduce speeds in this area.
  • City Hall Jersey City, New Jersey - Tribeca
    Large tree branch right above the city bikes in front of city hall. Going to hurt someone if it comes down at the wrong time.