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  • Other ConcernsAcknowledged
    7802 Edgewood Ave Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Utility box covered in graffiti. Neither Comcast, Verizon, BGE, or other claim ownership. Box has been covered for years.
  • open utility boxAcknowledged
    178 Hidden Hill Cir Odenton, MD 21113, USA - Severn
    wires are coming out of a utility box
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    252 Woodoak Court Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    Knocked over Verizon cable box located behind 252 Woodoak Court Glen Burnie, MD 21061
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1161 Greenhill Road - Arnold
    Exposed cables
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1175 White Coral Ct Arnold, MD 21012, USA - Arnold
    Exposed cable by mailbox
  • 7810 Kawshek Path Hanover, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    Several weeks ago Comcast dug up and repaired the mainline cable on my and other properties along Kawshek Path. Initially I was told Comcast would be back to bury the cable. That didn't happen. After numerous hone calls to Comcast, a crew was sent out to bury a new cable. Two problems: (1) The old cable is still exposed and (2) They left debris on the easement. Who in the country government is responsible for oversite of cable company activities and can help me take care of this mess? Thanks!
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    Darcey Lane davidsonville, Maryland - Anne Arundel County, MD
    I arrived home from work yesterday to see that work had been done on my property, outside the easement and without our consent. Based on lines of disturbed dirt, new holes in the ground and a fresh cut tree we were able to follow the path to a utility post. It appears to be black cable wire. We are extremely concerned at the lack of warning, or consent. Further, the line goes thru a portion of our property that is forest conservation. Finally, it goes over or thru a berm which we intend to remove. Our cable provider is requesting evidence that it is them and is pointing towards Anne Arundel Miss Utility and other providers. We fully intend to follow this thru to the fullest extent possible. The damage needs repaired and the line needs removed and placed within the easement, with the consent of all owners. Please advise how we may proceed and if we have the right to cut the line out ourselves (and from where). Thank You! (Please email me for my cell phone if needed.)
  • 451 Benfield Rd Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park

    One of the pine trees on Benfield Road east of Severn Rd in Severna Park was damaged in this spring's rain storms and is now held up exclusively by the overhead telephone line. The tree was trimmed shorter a couple years ago and so it is not leaning against power lines. The tree leans over the sidewalk currently and, if it would fall, would land in the road.

    Be sure to look at the trees closely. There is another one closer to Severn Rd. that is also leaning a little but is not resting against the utility line.

  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    5721 N Shore Pkwy Churchton, Maryland - Deale
    Image blacks out for a full two seconds at times, but usually the image freezes with distortion. Impossible to watch an entire episode of anything without missing portions of program. This has been addressed by Verizon, but there has been no resolution to the problem after repeated tech visits/equipment swaps, etc.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1135 Mt Dr Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Unable to get a hold of Verizon. A fiber optic cable going from the utility pole to my house is hanging down into the road. It is wrapped around a number of other cables, so if someone drives into it, it could be very hazardous.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    8160 Weyburn Road Millersville, Maryland - South Gate
    there is a cable that has been run ACROSS the sidewalk going up the street for almost 3 months now. I don't know who it belongs to. It is NOT BGE because it is NOT coming from the BGE box, it is coming from a box that sits outfront the BGE box. i can not tell what cable company it is from. But again, it has been like this for almost 3 months, if not longer.
  • Low Utility Cable Acknowledged
    7720 Williams St Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    We have a low hanging utility cable across our driveway. I do not know what cable it is or who to contact.