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Open Issues: 593 Closed Issues: 6,870 Acknowledged Issues: 1,163
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    3515 Cokesbury Court Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    The cable pedestal cover is badly broken exposing the cable wires.
  • 3058 Perch Dr Riva, Maryland - Riva
    My front yard was dug up by Comcast without any warning. They needed to get cable to my neighbor and to do so had to cross my entire front yard and under my driveway. I am not a customer of Comcast. They provided no advance notice that they were going to be digging in my yard. I would like to file a formal complaint against them if possible. I did speak with the anne Arundel county police as well.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    103 Benmere Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    Low hanging cable. Nearly head height.
  • Open box Acknowledged
    3611 Dorshire Court Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    Cords are all over the place and kids play in area daily.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    806 203rd Street Pasadena Maryland - Green Haven
    Cable hanging down in front of house. I called BGE and they said it was a telephone wire. Can someone please get this fixed. It looks terrible. Thank you.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    869 Snow Valley Lane Odenton, MD 21054, United States of America - Odenton
    Cable is exposed and running out of the box across the sidewalk and on the street then thru the neighbors property. Its a hazard since it is also running across the entrance to our driveway. Please have broadstripe put the cable in the ground as it runs a high probability pf being damaged. p
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    710 Highland Meadows Dr Gambrills 21054, United States - Odenton
    Xfinity cable was pre-wired in the community six years ago. They refuse to bury their cables throughout the community.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1167 Greenhill Rd Arnold 21012 United States - Arnold
    Wide open cable box with MANY exposed wires
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    24 Georgia Ave Nw Glen Burnie 21061 United States - Glen Burnie
    Over six loose cables/wires dangling freely from this light pole in front of my house
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1462 Vineyard Ct Crofton, MD 21114, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Multiple Verizon in ground boxes with no covers or improperly secured covers throughout Crofton Mews community
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    132–140 Carroll Rd Pasadena 21122, United States - Riviera Beach
    Wires in road
    The pole on the corner of garden and Carroll has wire that has come unwound and is laying all over the ground. The wind keeps blowing it into the street. I already contacted bge and they are not their wires. I’m not sure where else to turn because bge says could be cable or phone.
  • Cable ServiceAcknowledged
    1846 Northbridge Ln Annapolis 21401, United States - Parole
    My ticket was closed out but not fixed. Verizon communication pedestal missing and still covered with an orange trash bag. Verizon shared with 311 that it was fixed/replaced however, that is not the case.