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  • 57 Sherman St Hartford, CT, 06105, USA - West End
    Sherman St is in HORRENDOUS condition re: potholes. To make matters worse, MDC dug up the street again just recently and have left a large depression in the road in the area where they fixed a sinkhole/leaking sewer pipe.
  • 396 Main St Hartford Ct 06106 United States - Downtown
    Why are the traffic lights removed at Main and Capitol? This has become a very dangerous intersection, as the Main Street traffic often does not see cars on Capitol. Pedestrians also do not have a Walk signal.
  • 160 Homestead Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Upper Albany

    I live a couple buildings away from 160 Homestead Ave. They have converted this residential building into an illegal after hours club. Selling beer, and other narcotics. They routinely close after 330-400 am in the morning! Groups of 50+ co.e stumbling out, screaming, fighting, and milling around waiting up to an hour before the crowds eventually disperse. The patrons also park at other residents, even blocking driveways if street parking is unavailable. I can't count the number of times I've been either blocked in or prevented from parking where I live because the illegal after hours patrons will block driveway access.

    If this issue is not resolved for noise ordinance violation and the zoning authorities shutting the club down, I will e forced to go to the news. With the information that the city of Hartford Zoning board and l Hartford police refuses to rectify the issue.

    I realize I live in an urban area. And therefore must make certain concessions regards noise comfortability. But this rises beyond a simple noise complaint. This is a safety issue. And as a tax payer, I deserve to live in my home in moderate comfort, with being forced to live next to an illegal night club.

  • 37 Alden Street Hartford, Connecticut - South Green
    the parking lot to alden estates has turned into a cesspool of drama once nightfall. Drugs, drinking, loud music, fights and just plain hanging out happened every night at all hours of the night, many complaints to the city and police have been made, nothing at all is happening... who do we ask for help when no one including the police are listening... I reported a fight to the police and they said they would send some1 over and nothing I sat outside for over an hour...
  • 24 Owen Street Hartford, Connecticut - West End
    Several street lights out in neighborhood - Owen/Denison/Frederick Streets.
  • 555 Asylum St. Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    The street light directly outside of the main entrance for ArtSpace Hartford at 555 Asylum St. has been permanently turned off for over a year now, at our request. The light is directly next to one of my resident's windows, making it impossible to sleep in that apartment when it is on.

    Last night, the light came back on. Please return this street light to permanently shut off. Please give me a call at (203) 903-3942 to confirm receipt of this request. I can also be emailed at breihl@winnco.com.


    Brent Reihl
    Property Manager
    ArtSpace Hartford

  • 26 Scarborough Street Hartford, Connecticut - West End
    On Scarborough Street there are many areas where the sidewalk is broken into small pieces or otherwise so damaged that it is a serious tripping hazard.
  • 148-178 Nelson St Hartford, CT 06120, USA - North East
    Unrepaired street sink hole
  • 75 Laurel Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    The sidewalk from Knox Fam building all the way down that side of Laurel Street to the Senior Building is in very bad shape. It is broken, there are holes, and the all around condition is dangerous. I have tripped and fallen down this morning and now am tending to a cut on my knee. FIX IT!!!
  • 168 Homestead Ave Hartford, CT 06112, USA - Upper Albany
    The traffic/street lamp located in front of the building located at 166-168 Homestead Ave. Hartford CT 06112 is out of order. The street light has been out of order for several months. The lack of proper lighting poses as an immediate safety hazard for both nighttime drivers, and pedestrians who walking by after sunset.
  • 206 Morningside Street West Hartford, Connecticut - Blue Hills
    There is a small sinkhole in front of the house. It has gotten deep. Thank you!
  • 92 American Row Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Pothole at light when you get off Prospect Street exit. Very dangerous and may not be visible when it snows.