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Traffic Signals - Chapel Hill & Carrboro

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  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    221 S Columbia St Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    Traffic traveling west at the intersection of South Rd onto McCauley St in evening rush hour (around 5pm) has a 7-second green light which only allows about four cars to proceed through the intersection. This is causing a long backup down South Rd, as far back as the Bell Tower. Meanwhile, cross traffic traveling north on S. Columbia St. has a very long green light that continues even when there are no longer any cars present. I do not recall this being an issue previously in my four years driving through campus at this time. With it being summer and campus much more empty, I don't believe drivers should need to sit through three or four signal intervals to proceed through this intersection and the green light should be longer.
  • Martin Luther King Jr Blvd & Northfield Dr Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    Northfield turning onto MLK signal sometimes takes 3 minutes to change light. Is there a broken sensor or timer? Timing issue Northfield and MLK Jr Intersection
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    1794 Chapel Hill Rd Chapel Hill 27707, United States - Chapel Hill
    The left turn loop from 15-501 onto Old Durham road is broken. It stays open for a long time even when only one car goes left
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    Junction Of Homestead Rd And Weaver Dairy Rd Ext. Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Since the repair of Weaver Dairy Rd Ext. the traffic signal doesn't work efficiently; A green light is given to Weaver Dairy Rd Ext. when no car is waiting. To make matters worse - The green light for turning right is then being applied, again, without any car waiting to turn.
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    Chapel Hill NC - Chapel Hill

    During the morning rush hour, there are frequently 10 -15 cars waiting to turn left and it often takes 2 or 3 lights before you can turn.

    Can you:

    1) lengthen the turn signal

    2) change the two left lanes to left turn only? Across the street at Mount Carmel Church Road , those lanes were recently turned to 2 right turn lanes.

    Thanks very much and let me know if you need more input from our neighborhood.

    Jane Heuser

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    Intersection Of S.Columbia And Manning Dr. Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    The traffic light at the intersection of S.Columbia and Manning Dr. for vehicles heading east takes so long to change that traffic backs up onto Pittsboro St. restricting the flow of traffic. The volume of traffic on S. Columbia is very sparse during morning hours. Could the traffic signals time interval be adjusted to alleviate this problem?
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    Martin Luther King Jr Blvd & Weaver Dairy Rd Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    The traffic light going straight from Weaver Dairy to Weaver Dairy Extension stays green for only 3 to 4 car lengths. This causes major backups on weaver dairy. I have noticed this for at least the last year. Can someone please look into fixing this. Thank you so much,
    Concerned life long Chapel Hill Resident.
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    Durham Chapel Hill Blvd & Eastowne Dr Durham, NC, 27707, USA - Chapel Hill
    Huge problem with back ups and numerous cars turning left on red. Can the left turn onto Eastowne Dr at both intersections please be made to a yellow/blinking left turn signal? This backups everyday no matter what time it is, causing backups into the straight lanes as well as many cars turning left on red because sitting for 5+ minutes to turn left is unacceptable. Both traffic lights that turn onto Eastowne Drive from Chapel Hill Blvd need to be looked at please.
    Thank you so much,
    Concerned life long Chapel Hill Resident.
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    1233–1243 S Fordham Blvd Chapel Hill 27514, United States - Chapel Hill
    Traffic lights at Manning Drive on 15-501 and the following lights are not timed well for morning traffic between 7:30 and 8:30. At this time of the morning, they should be green on 15-501/Fordham Blvd for a lot longer. Backups are terrible this tome of the morning.
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    1768 Eubanks Road Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill

    Please set this light to yellow/red blinking. There's very little traffic here 95% of the time, and the timed light is a pain. I'm tired of seeing the light turn red for no reason so that I can watch imaginary tumbleweeds cross the road.

    Also, they did a terrible job paving the new section of Eubanks due to deadlines, and the road surface is terrible.

  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    Homestead Road Chapel Hill, NC - Carrboro
    Problem Traffic too fast
    Signage issue/Needs wayfinding
    Feels unsafe
    Location Problem intersection
    Additional Comments There is a crosswalk here to cross Homestead Road into Homestead Park. Traffic goes in both directions very fast and very rarely give right of way to the pedestrian trying to cross even if they are on the crosswalk. Basically cars do not obey the crosswalk or pedestrian crossing signs that exist--it's as if the crosswalk was not there because one has to wait until traffic is gone both ways to be able to cross. Simply adding a pedestrian light to the crosswalk might make cars more likely to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Thank you.
  • 1802 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill

    I am a commuter into Chapel Hill Monday -Friday almost all year round. The ramp exiting east bound I 40 has always been challenging at certain times. I completely understand that there are difficulties with how to make that intersection work smoothly during high traffic times. But in the last couple of weeks it seems to be worse.

    For the past couple of days I’ve commuted while in line to turn right onto MLK only about 3 cars at a time have been able to turn and fit in the lane without blocking the intersection. For the past couple of days I have had drivers behind me in the queue drive around me to fill up the intersection so when traffic begins they are in line. The only this is accomplished is by them pulling into the intersection blocking both lanes.

    I know there may not be much that can be done but perhaps a little traffic enforcement there would be helpful. Concerned about potential accidents !!