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  • 5944 W Huron St Chicago, IL, 60644, USA - Chicago Ward 29
    Hazardous cars
  • Abandoned VehiclePotwierdzone
    2383-2399 W Altgeld St Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 1
  • 4436 N Paulina St Chicago IL 60640, United States - Uptown
    Vehicle has not moved for street cleaning. Vehicle has parked in the same spot for months and does not have proper registration (registered in Virginia) or a city sticker.
  • Abandoned VehiclePotwierdzone
    1454 W Polk St Chicago, IL 60607, USA - Chicago Ward 25
    Park district vehicle consistently blocking crosswalk and illegally parked
  • 508 W Root St Chicago IL 60609, United States - New City
    No license plates and obviously just left here to rot.
  • Abandoned VehiclePotwierdzone
    1621 W 37th St Chicago, Illinois - McKinley Park
    Beige Honda license # H863637 has not moved since 12/9/15. Checked with neighbors for owner but do not believe owner lives on this block.
  • 8045 S State St Chicago, IL, 60619, USA - Chatham
    Car in alley leaking fluids
  • 6259 N Bell Ave Chicago, IL 60659, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    taking up space on a full block
  • Abandoned VehiclePotwierdzone
    3344 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    Abandoned bicycle 3401 North Broadway
  • 4401 N Paulina St - Uptown
    Car has been here in the same spot for two weeks and is currently not in drivable condition with a completely flat rear passenger side tire.
  • 4404 N Paulina St Chicago IL 60640, United States - Uptown

    Parked near storm drain. Car has not moved in over a month making it impossible to clear accumulated leaves which are impeding drainage causing slippery conditions in other parking spots.

    Previously reported on 12/15

  • 4846 S Ellis Ave Chicago, IL, 60615, USA - Kenwood
    Abandoned Missouri car