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  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    4416-4430 W Walton St Chicago, IL 60651, USA - Chicago Ward 37
    Red and white Chevy pickup truck with back full of auto parts junk. No tags.
  • 7032 N Wolcott Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    abandoned vehicle, tags expired 5.20 city sticker expired 11.19
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    2600 W Wilson Ave Chicago 60625, United States - Lincoln Square
    Equipment with flat tire has been sitting on the street for an extended period of time. Causes traffic conflicts and back-ups during AM and PM rush periods.
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    4531-4599 North Virginia Avenue Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Lincoln Square
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    1448 N St Louis Ave chicago, il - Chicago Ward 26
  • Abondoned scooterПризнана
    167 N Racine Ave. Chicago Il 60607 - Chicago Ward 27
    Locked to street sign, parked on curb, flat tires
  • 1303 W Cornelia Ave Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    truck has been sitting here for at least 2 weeks. is it abandoned, government surveillance, or just a non permit bearing vehicle that has not been ticketed, even after sitting through a street cleaning
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    4233 St Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Chicago Ward 33
    City sticker expired. Front bumper and grill torn off.
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    1801-1815 North Sheffield Avenue Chicago, IL 60614, USA - Lincoln Park
    This is my 3rd request. This car is parked directly in front of a fire hydrant and has not been moved at all. Not sure how this is legal for 1 day nevermind 15 days. Thank you.
  • 4504 N Monitor Ave Chicago, IL 60630, USA - Portage Park
    Green VW hatchback
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    2542 West Sunnyside Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Lincoln Square
    Abandoned vehicle is blocking alley exit
  • Abandoned VehicleПризнана
    101-119 E Roosevelt Rd Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Near South Side
    Is that the city of Chicago or the alderman's office, Sophia QING needs to address these for cars that are an eyesore on the south west corner of South Evans and E. 48th St. on the north side of Chicago this would not be tolerated there should be no excuse for it to be on the south side.