City of Chicago IYO

Fur Arrimaha: 106 Arrimaha xidhmay: 34,804 Arrimaha la Qiray: 4,658
  • 4802 W Grace Chicago Il 60641 United States - Portage Park
    tree hanging over walk
  • 4311 N Cicero Ave Chicago IL 60641, United States - Portage Park
    hanging on sidewalk
  • 4712 N Beacon St Chicago IL 60640, United States - Chicago Ward 46
    Four trees in parkway in front of 4716-4724 north beacon need to be trimmed.
  • 3310 N Oriole Ave Chicago IL 60634, United States - Dunning
    Large branches hanging over my house & the Nieghbor's also
  • 2114 W Charleston St Chicago IL 60647, United States - Logan Square
    Tree branches encroaching on wire, sidewalk and road
  • 8754 S Cornell Ave Chicago, Illinois, 60617 - Calumet Heights
    Branches falling they have damaged a car windshield
  • 1427 W Superior St Chicago, Illinois, 60642 - Chicago Ward 27
    the tree seems damaged. there is a huge hole in the ground under it.
  • 5409 S Tripp Ave Chicago IL 60632, United States - West Elsdon
  • 4454 N Manor Ave Chicago IL 60625, United States - Albany Park
    People are not able to walk down the street as the tree branches are blocking the sidewalk. It is a major street to the train. Hits people in the head.
  • 1827 W Sunnyside Ave Chicago IL 60640, United States - Lincoln Square
    Low branches on a busy sidewalk
  • 1823 W Sunnyside Ave Chicago IL 60640, United States - Lincoln Square
    Branches extending to roof line
  • 3610 W Wolfram St Chicago IL 60618, United States - Avondale
    Tree branch is falling down. Needs to be trimmed