City of Chicago IYO

Fur Arrimaha: 96 Arrimaha xidhmay: 34,602 Arrimaha la Qiray: 4,636
  • 832 W Oakdale Ave Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    Lots of tickets yet hasn't moved.
  • 2933 N Elston Ave Chicago IL 60618, United States - Avondale
    No plates Hasn't moved in a month
  • 5636 W Gunnison Street - Jefferson Park
  • 3816-3828 North Lamon Avenue Chicago, IL 60641, USA - Portage Park
    This car has not been moved from the same location, collecting tickets, the car was originally parked and left in the same location for a whole month on the 4900 block of Berenice ave
  • 617–645 E 48th St Chicago 60615, United States - Grand Boulevard
    Pickup truck abandoned for over a month in empty lot
  • 3858 W Maypole Ave Chicago, IL 60624, USA - West Garfield Park
    It's been here for over 2-3 months. Windows all broken out. 4 flat tires.
  • 4455 W Sunnyside Ave Chicago, IL 60630, USA - Irving Park
  • 3706 N Sheffield Ave Chicago, IL 60613, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    Bike has been abandoned, now missing back tire. Please remove bike from city pole. Thanks
  • 1801 S Indiana Ave Chicago 60616, United States - Near South Side
    Abandoned bike, appears to be result of attempted theft/vandalism.
  • 1454 W Polk St Chicago, IL 60607, USA - Chicago Ward 25
    Park district vehicle consistently blocking crosswalk and illegally parked
  • 2383-2399 W Altgeld St Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 1
  • 1255 W Addison St Chicago IL 60613, United States - Chicago Ward 44
    This electric scooter has been locked to a city sign since August Recently, someone removed the parking sign, leaving only the pole, and hoisted the scooter up so that it's dangling precariously from the pole Dangerous situation - scooter could fall onto someone Located at the southeast corner of the alley between Addison & Eddy streets- Lakewood street end