City of Chicago PLUS

Open Issues: 110 Closed Issues: 1,713,130 Acknowledged Issues: 919,589
  • 3707 W Ainslie St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    This car sat in its previous parking spot for three months. It had to be jumped in order to be moved days before being towed. It has sat in the same parking spot since for the last month.
  • 4937 N. Monticello Ave. Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Untagged Motor Scooter blocking path.
  • 3654 West Ainslie Street Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Dark blue 4 door Honda Civic has not moved in at least 30 days. Already has at least one city ticket.
  • 6815 S Oakley Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60636 - Chicago Lawn
  • 4810 N Albany Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Tow truck has been taking up two pay to park spots for over a week and making it hard to see around the corner
  • 1327 Dobson Street Evanston, IL 60202, USA - Evanston
    This car has been parked here well over a week- we do not know who it belongs to
  • 7218 W Belmont Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60634 - Dunning
  • 3566-3598 West Carmen Avenue Chicago - North Park
  • 4640-4644 N Racine Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Ropes and buckets underneath. Hasn't moved in 2 plus months. Expired plates. Tickets left on it
  • 5100 St Louis Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    Silver BMW 325i parked on the west side of the 5100 block of St. Louis, with flat front right tire and odd angle at street, making it a traffic hazard.
  • 4507 N Monticello Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
  • 3531 N Broadway St Chicago IL 60657, United States - Chicago Ward 46
    This large truck has been parked next to the exit (north driveway) from the Jewel parking lot for a few weeks. It is very dangerous because it is extremely hard to see oncoming northbound traffic when you are trying to pull out of the lot onto Broadway.