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  • 6 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON M5V, Canada - Toronto
  • 578 Front Street West Toronto, ON M5V 3N5, Canada - Toronto
    Top, east side of Bathurst bridge over tracks covered with white graffiti
  • 630 Queen St E Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1G3, CAN - Toronto
    Drilling and loud noise from city workers at 11:45 pm.
  • 90–98 Kingslake Rd Toronto M2J, Canada - Toronto
    Not graffiti but this garbage can needs to be emptied. A lot of litter all around the street
  • 2 Horticultural Ave Toronto, ON M5A 2P1, Canada - Toronto
  • Sheppard Ave E Toronto M2J, Canada - Toronto
    Graffiti on transit shelter. Explicit language.
  • 46 Fort York Blvd Toronto, ON M5V 3Z3, Canada - Toronto
    On a pole at fort York and capreol court
  • No Street SweepingAcknowledged
    215 High Park Avenue Toronto, Ontario - Toronto

    1. : Street cleaning has stopped! This is penny-wise (perhaps) and pound foolish. The build up of post winter dust and gravel is dangerous for cyclists and damaging to roads and air quality. The now rotted to mud leaves are a public safety, health and aesthetic hazard.

    We can sweep all of this detritus to the drains and then create a further complication or we can continue to advise you and be ignored. Our street, High Park Avenue, takes a lot of traffic and the buses kick up the dust to our detriment. Humberside has piles that block the drainage. Pacific Avenue, outside No Frills, is a disgusting mess.

    It is cheaper and easier to remove this mess while it is above ground rather than compromising our storm sewers and requiring a vacuum truck after the fact.

    2. On behalf of Councillor Doucette, thank you for contacting our office. Councillor Doucette has also been concerned about the lack of street sweeping in our area. When she contacted Transportation about this, she was told that while there were three trucks in our area, there is currently only one person qualified to drive these trucks due to retirement. Due to a hiring freeze imposed as part of budget discussions, Transportation is unable to hire additional staff at this time.

    The above being said, I will make another request to Transportation to have High Park Avenue and Pacific Avenue swept as soon as possible.

    How many Millions of $$$ of equipment is sitting idle like this?? This is stupidity personified.

  • 14 Temperance Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    This lovely waterfall and mini park in the heart of downtown is rendered useless and totally uninviting by the masses of trash (of all kinds) in the water and on the walls. Why can't the city keep this clean so people can enjoy it, especially the waterfall now that the weather is warming up. What a waste of a resource!
  • 504 Progress Ave Toronto, ON M1P 2K2, Canada - Toronto
    not graffiti but direction to hwy 401 sign down on grass
  • Queens Quay West At Harbourfront Centre Toronto, ON M5J, Canada - Toronto
    upside down sign
  • 903 Cosburn Ave Toronto M4C 4N6, Canada - Toronto