Housing/Health Issues PLUS

Housing/Health Issues

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  • 403 Shore Drive Edgewater Md - Londontowne
    Missed recycling again today. And the garbage man threw my garbage can and lid on my flowers again!
  • 9 Eugenia Ave Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
    The house is falling apart, back steps unsafe, windows broken out, junk and trash everywhere. Over crowded with squatters.
  • 5708 Lowell St Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    my neighbor at 5706 lowell st has her house up for sale and doesn't live here and doesn't have a for sale sign in the yard however she rents the basement out nightly to all out of state vehicles we have had our property stolen we have small children on this block that we dont want to see end up on a milk carton I have went to the police before and was sent to zoning, zoning sent me to permits and permits sent me to this app I won't stop til these people are at least vetted so we know who is coming and going I have watched prostitutes make and female visit this basement and I am sick of it!! please help
  • 200-274 Washington Ave Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
    The house has no gas and electric or water. Their is a child living there under these conditions. Windows busted out maybe squatters. Not even sure if the kids is going to school. Windows busted out, trash and junk everywhere drawing rats
  • 7903 Marydell Ave pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    This haouse burned down 4 years ago. the owners do not maintain the vacant lot. the owner parked several vehicles on the lot several years ago and have not returned to move them. the vehciles have expired unregistered tags on them. children have been playing on the lot and are going to end up getting hurt because the lot is not maintained and supervised.
  • 8124 Forest Glen Dr Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Lake Shore
    This window open on this blighted property allows varmints to enter and live. Problem has been reported before. Wind from storms enters through the large holes in the roof and blows the window open from the inside. The window needs to be secured SHUT.
  • 4429 Solomons Island Rd Harwood, MD 20776, USA - Anne Arundel County, MD
    I noticed driving by the door was open , this house is vacant , has many many building supplies and tools susceptible to theft , the door has been kicked in and the jam is broken
  • Help! Ouvert
    Kramme Avenue Brooklyn Park, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    This property has many problems. I have reported about 10x. From mold, animals in and out, sewage smell, caved in roof, busted windows, overgrown yard. Now I believe people are in and out through the night! This is literally disgusting and I have had no help with Anne Arundel county dealing with this! Something needs to be done!
  • 4611 Kramme Ave Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Disgusting house always here people in there at night. Smell coming from house is horrible. Smells like sewage and mold
  • 324 Bar Harbor Road Riviera Beach, Maryland - Riviera Beach
    Front doors and rear doors open most of day
  • 1721 Lake Ave Shady Side, MD, 20764, USA - Shady Side
    Constituent called, reported that the building has degraded to the point of exposing points of entry. Feral cats and asbestos cover the house.
  • 677 Mcknew Rd Gambrills 21054, United States - Odenton
    Burned out / abandoned home. Trash litters area and blows into protected stream (Jezabell).