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Housing/Health Issues

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  • 649 New Jersey Ave Ne Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    The property at 649 New Jersey has been overgrown for months we are now seeing rodents coming out of the property and it is out of control. There is trash and furniture in the backyard, mattresses excetera it needs to be cleaned up.
  • 104 Chalmers Ave Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
    The house has not been lived in for over 2 years - there is a gaping hole in the roof, rats and mice are running freely in the overgrown bushes, the back yard is overgrown with trees and an abandon swimming pool. The driveway and entire property are rat infested. Something has to be done there are 2 abandon homes Chalmers Ave look at 102 Chalmers Ave TOO
  • 1074 Cayer Dr Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    I’ve seen 2 dead rats in my neighborhood this summer and last night saw a live rat in my back yard. We don’t keep trash in our back yard, it’s not overgrown or anything like that. I saw a post not long ago about a dead rat on Glenvilla which backs up to the end of my yard. I’m concerned for the safety of my dog if she were to go after one. I’m only aware of one unoccupied house on my street and unaware if there are any others around the neighborhood.
  • 304 Orchard Ave Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Rats are being seen again. Traps that were set last year haven't been serviced in months
  • 117 Glendale Avenue Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
  • 7820-7822 Callington Way Hanover, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    I have a wild animal in my basement portentously a groundhog. I have a 10 infant in the home and I am worried the baby’s safety.
  • 183 Kenwood Rd Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Riviera Beach
    Grass in backyard is over 4 foot tall. Rats and mice seen frequently
  • 701 Wellham Ave Glen Burnie 21061 United States - Ferndale
    House is foreclosure under hud homes but can’t get in contact with them. Have rats all through the yard and house. Gets in neighborhood trash & even gets bold now to come up on neighbors decks in early mornings.
  • 7539 Baleen Court Glen Burnie, Maryland - South Gate

    I am the owner for housing unit 7539 Baleen Court at Woodsedge Town home and condominium. I have been for several month fighting and infestation of mice and rats from the the inside and outside of my home. I have hired a pest control company Bugout Termite and Pest control service to help control the activity.

    On Friday the 11th of May 2018 they informed us that there was major activity happening along the fence line between us and the neighbor. The contractor said that the activity is likely due to the neighboring dog that is kept in the yard at 7541 Baleen court. The neighbors leave the dog's food and feces on the ground drawing theses unwanted pest.

    There is also activity in my kitchen and living room which is the wall that the corresponding neighbor lives. We have seen droppings and patched up openings in both the living room and kitchen.

    As of today (5/30/18) inspection, the activity level is still very high in the backyard.

    This letter is my attempt to resolve this issue. Please contact me at (410)903-7649 or My husband Damon at 443-250-8458 with any questions. You are welcome to text or call. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • 4109 Apple Leaf Court Pasadena Md 21122 - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Compost bins and excess pots with rotting food and trash. Too close to townhomes. Visible rat and mice problem. Smelly and tons of flying insects.
  • 1758 Crownsville Rd Crownsville, MD 21032, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    rats are climbing the exterior walls on the front of
  • 2312 Westport Ln Crofton, MD 21114, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Killed rat