Housing/Health Issues PLUS

Housing/Health Issues

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  • 7873 Ritchie Hwy Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    This man trows bird seed on the ground and it draws rats . I has a pest control company out 5 times to treat rat holes in my yard from him. The rats also hid under all the junk that he has at his front door . Please make him stop feeding the rats and clean up the junk at his front door . I DONT WANT RATS!!!
  • Rodents (Mice/Rats)Được thừa nhận
    Dale And Garden Pasadena Md 21122 - Riviera Beach
    Rats in and out of property and storm drains at the corner of Dale and Garden. Rats starting to move into neighboring properties where children and animals live. Please help
  • Rodents (Mice/Rats)Được thừa nhận
    123 Thomas Rd Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    in the 100 block of Thomas Road we have seen seen rats running thru yards -- there is a house at 115 South Meadow court ( of Of 100 block of S. Meadow drive 21060 ) that has grass 2 feet high in back yard visible trash cans WITHOUT LIDS in the yard. The rats have been seen running to and from that location .
  • Applegate Ct Linthicum Heights, MD, 21090, USA - Linthicum
    Continue to see and now have rats in our neighborhood, this one was in my garden. People continue to feed the ducks in front of our community and that is bringing the rats. My house backs up to the pond area so it makes it worse. The feeding needs to stop.
  • 7850 Shellye Rd Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    I have killed 12 rats dating back to Oct 2018.
  • 301 N Street Se Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    The back yard is so bad that it is costing a rat and mice problems for all of the neighbors. It is piled up with trash, lawnmowers and other things. Pool in the front yard as well. They are two kids that live in this home and 2 dogs. Something needs to be done about the living conditions.
  • 232 Key Ave Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Pumphrey
    The plot next to me is unused land for the last 14 years that I have lived here. The vegetation is growing onto my property and causing damage to my property. Also, because of this abandoned land, there has been mice/ rats running around and inside of my home. This is unacceptable! I am also expecting my first child in March, and I don't need this trouble around my family. I need this to be taken care of, or I will have to go to extreme measures to get this taken care of. Also, I have health conditions that have worsened with this overgrown vegetation. Please do something.
  • 863 Bentwillow Dr Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Ferndale
    It has a lot rats out front n trash
  • 7820-7822 Callington Way Hanover, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    I have a wild animal in my basement portentously a groundhog. I have a 10 infant in the home and I am worried the baby’s safety.
  • Rodents (Mice/Rats)Được thừa nhận
    315 W Riverview Rd Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Baby rats running in and out of underneath the shed, has to be a nest. Not sure if there is access underneath the shed to the inside of it. They look as if theyre coming out to pickup berries off the ground from the neighbors tree at 323. I dont think 325 ever access/use the shed, it could be completely full and could be a larger nest than originally thought.
  • 1758 Crownsville Rd Crownsville, MD 21032, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    rats are climbing the exterior walls on the front of
  • 1606 Cananaro Court Annapolis, Maryland - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Wife saw a 12" rat - with the tail - it was about 20"