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City of Dixon

Open Issues: 4 Closed Issues: 305 Acknowledged Issues: 11
  • 1920 Kingston Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    stop sign is on path not street. also, adjacent path light is covered by tree and tree needs pruning to allow light for safety.
  • 1100 Parkgreen Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
  • Street repairAcknowledged
    420 No Jackson Street Dixon, California - Dixon
    Please repair and pave North Jackson Street in Dixon. The road is in very poor condition. The city has ignore several request over the years. Please let me know when we can get this addressed.
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    270 Heritage Ln Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    Lights along the path don't work. Not sure if it is a city issue or developer.
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    1103 Weyand Way Dixon, California - Dixon
    Light doesn't power up.
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    1620 Belden Dr Dixon, California - Dixon
    Street light turns OFF whenever motion is detected. If we pull up to homes the light is on; once we get out of vehicles, light turns OFF and stays off.
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    1351 Baker Al Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    365 Alderglen Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
  • 1460 Legion Avenue Dixon, California - Dixon
    Pole C1336 - Southeast area of park.
    Pole C1345 - Near Legion Ave. Sidewalk
    Pole C1327 - Along western path in park.
    Pole C1326 - Goes off and on. Along the western path in park.
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    225 Fernwood Way Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    898 West H Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Seventh Street At Chestnut Dixon, California - Dixon
    tree branches are covering light and not allowing light to shine on street