Malden Local Notifications PLUS

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  • Dartmouth St & Ramsdell Rd Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 4
    Hi, will a stop sign be installed at the Ramsdell/Dartmouth intersection. Many near misses with traffic and with pedestrians
  • 29 Corey Road Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 3
  • PotholeAnerkannt
    95 Medford St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    It's unfortunate that the company that just finally finished our newly paved road left us poorly finished manhole covers Some of these manhole covers are already sinking and are just going to be huge potholes in the spring Can't we have them come back and fix them before the snow falls? What they have left us with us extremely unacceptable
  • Ellis Court Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    I know they will pave the Wyeth Street tomorrow. I have a question to ask about Ellis Court, beause there is only my house on this Ellis Court. Please the picture, it's only around 50 feet from the white mark go through to the other end of Ellis Court, The Utility service dig the ground for replacing the water pipe before. I thought they will do paving the Ellis court when they make a decision for paving the Wyeth Street. but now they make a white mark for stopping at the corner of the Ellis Court and do not pave the Ellis Court.
    Please someone can consider about my suggestion doing the 50 feet for the rest of the Ellis Court . Keep all nice area around here and all new paving for the Stearns Street, Wyeth Street, Clay Street, including Ellis Court too. Thank you very much
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    193 Madison St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    Road has dips and needs to be REPAVED ASAP!!!!!
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    Eastern Ave Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 7
    the whole street of Eastern Ave has pot holes and the road needs to be resurfaced
  • PotholeÖffnen
    408–498 Commercial St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    Are there plans on re paving this street and putting down lines since the other half of it in Medford had paved and lines are drawn ?
  • PotholeAnerkannt
    99 Main St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    seems like when the underground work was done, the hole was not patched correctly and has left a 6' wide pothole entering cross st. furthermore, many of the similar patches along cross st were donrle in the same improper fashion
  • PotholeÖffnen
    193-251 Hawthorne St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 3
    The city opened the street in April to replace lead pipes and there has been a patchwork of potholes and infill since then. This is going to turn into a nightmare once it starts snowing and the plows and ice expand the potholes and make the situation worse.
  • 170 Columbia St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 6
    This sidewalk was torn up ages ago, and there's no progress at all. Some of us depend on sidewalks, and I want to be glad you're working on them at all, but repairs in this area have taken weeks and interrupted multiple routes.
  • 59 Glen Rock Avenue Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 3
    Just to be clear. The entire street needs to be repaired. There are so many cracks, holes and past repairs that the road is failing. The construction truck drivers have been very good at driving slowly and carefully. The street needs to be repaved. Please….
  • Converse Ave & James St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    Stop signs were not replaced at after construction on James street & Converse, Medford and Wigglesworth.