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  • 26 Hawthorne Street Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 3
    Hi, since Hawthorne Street is currently being re-paved, will it be possible to repair the sidewalk in front of 26 Hawthorne and re-add the curb (see photo)? We are the property owners, and the drive way no longer exists here so adding a curb to the sidewalk makes sense. Thank you.
  • 45 Almont St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 7
    The sidewalk due to do over growing tree.
  • 21 Hillside Avenue Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 1
    This is a general request for the city of malden to repave all of Hillside Ave and Hillside Ter. This summer, At least 4 months of heavy duty construction work to replace a water main has left the steep hill a very uneven and hazardous zone. No final paving was ever completed, just a mix of patchwork pours. Please help us make our community safer.
  • Ellis Court Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    I know they will pave the Wyeth Street tomorrow. I have a question to ask about Ellis Court, beause there is only my house on this Ellis Court. Please the picture, it's only around 50 feet from the white mark go through to the other end of Ellis Court, The Utility service dig the ground for replacing the water pipe before. I thought they will do paving the Ellis court when they make a decision for paving the Wyeth Street. but now they make a white mark for stopping at the corner of the Ellis Court and do not pave the Ellis Court.
    Please someone can consider about my suggestion doing the 50 feet for the rest of the Ellis Court . Keep all nice area around here and all new paving for the Stearns Street, Wyeth Street, Clay Street, including Ellis Court too. Thank you very much
  • 59 Glen Rock Avenue Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 3
    Just to be clear. The entire street needs to be repaired. There are so many cracks, holes and past repairs that the road is failing. The construction truck drivers have been very good at driving slowly and carefully. The street needs to be repaved. Please….
  • Franklin St Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 5
    Sending several requests to have the entire road repaved from top of Franklin (711 Store at Corner) to Eastern Ave.
    I live @ 30 Franklin St, Malden Place Condo's. Roads were in very poor condition prior to doing all the piping replacements. Now it is dangerous and unsightly. Can't understand why a substantial amount of funds were used for the bike path and not addressing the roads. PLEASE FIX BEFORE END OF YEAR. THANK YOU.
  • 907 Main St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 5
    This catch basin is blocked by road plate and has been most of the summer.the issue is that it is causing flood damage to my driveway and basement.this is my third time reporting the issue.
    I did receive a response today that national grid is working on the gas lines...,
    Of this I am painfully aware I can assure you however stating the obvious does me absolutely no good
    Would someone kindly tell if and when the drain would be reopened .
    I do however appreciate the link to follow up with city council for damages and will do
    Best regards
    Don Gutro
    917 main st Malden
  • 1153–1175 Salem St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 8
    What's up with the intersection of Salem and Beach? This is the second night where a detour sign is up,but cones are pushed off to the side with people skirting around driving on the wrong side of the road
  • 170 Columbia St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 6
    This sidewalk was torn up ages ago, and there's no progress at all. Some of us depend on sidewalks, and I want to be glad you're working on them at all, but repairs in this area have taken weeks and interrupted multiple routes.
  • Centre St & Jackson St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    When turning left from Centre St onto Jackson St, the intersection's road is very uneven, so my car shakes very badly and can get damaged.
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    1279 Salem St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 8
    The bus 108 Brentwood St stop Bus stop sign has been taken down by street plow 1 year ago. Since MBTA will not replace the sign, can the city spray the Bus stop area on the newly paved road with a pedestrian crossing like the rest of the Salem St. It is dangerous for pedestrians to cross, and cars just park there all the time to block the bus to pull to the stop.
  • 69–99 Davidson Way Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 2
    Davidson way was re-paved but wheelchair ramps were never put back in. Could this be prioritized? This should be up to code. Thank you!