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Animal Control - Jersey City

Open Issues: 3 Closed Issues: 1,414 Acknowledged Issues: 11
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    Manhattan Ave At Jfk Blvd Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    there is a skunk at Leonard Gordon park
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    124 Chestnut Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square
    House seems to leave food outside for cats. Skunks seem to be eating there as well..
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    23 Belvidere Ave Jersey City, NJ 07304, USA - West Side
    Someone hit a cat with their car. It's laying in the middle of the street.
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    43 Lexington Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    According to this complaint, this property has an adjoining alleyway with 2330 Kennedy Blvd. Supposedly, there's lots of DOG FECES that emanating a horrible smell in the adjoined alleyway.
    Please have someone from the HEALTH DEPARTMENT investigate this very serious issue.
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    160 Bleecker St Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    This lady feeds cats in front of her house and goes around the neighborhood in people property feeding cats this needs to stop
  • 51 Spruce St Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - The Heights
    This neighbors garbage at 51 spruce causes insects and animals to invade our property.  Every night several raccoons, cats and skunks visit this area (all caught on video) and fight. Its dangerous, disgusting and disturbing to live like this, wake up every morning to see garbage and worry about it. This neighbors trash is left out with no regard to others, and being invaded by animals, then dumped on our property and they never clean it up, it festers there for days and smells really bad!
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    415 Ogden Ave Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    Terrible mosquito problem in this vicinity. This is a health issue. Please investigate.
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    3615 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City 07307 United States - The Heights
    Possums in my alley
  • Animal IssuesAcknowledged
    241 Bayview Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Greenville
    There’s a family of raccoons in the giant tree behind my backyard, I count 4 of them today, I’m afraid that they attack one of my children, that often are playing out in my yard, this situation it’s getting out of control please I need help from animal control I will really appreciate the help thank you
  • 166 Jewett Ave Jersey City 07304, United States - McGinley Square
    Feral cats being fed at 166 Jewett. Has been happening for some time now.
  • 268 Boyd Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - West Side
    According to this resident, there's a FAMILY OF RACCOONS living in this old garage. The garage is located in the rear of 268 Boyd Ave.
  • 43 Hopkins Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - The Heights
    It has been continuous for days now.