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Police Non-Emergency

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  • 264 Brock Bridge Rd Laurel 20724, United States - Maryland City
  • 1708 Potomac Rd Edgewater 21037, United States - Londontowne
    Red Ford Escape has been inoperable on the street for over two weeks.
  • 901 Chesterfield Rd Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Hi! Anne Arundel county Police
    Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! Thank You! wishiy you happiness, safety,zero and peace, We have an issue in the building I have to be careful under them nothing most can believe or more not always hearing but most people will tell you I hear real well and know what's going on
    between you and me she amitted to doing this and when she's upset and has to go to court and she bangs when she's upset she's asking me for money and stuff I heard this is a volation and it was addressed the noise and she's getting worse once here but it usually gets worse I was wondering how we can handle it without them knowing me I have faith and good people and together and some nice legal friends for some physical health issues and doing it right of course it's above me the office did send a letter that was nice but there going to know it was me there getting an adutyde with me all ready and doing it more Is of coarse it's like alot people think they can do everything and anything and big and bad stuff and all the time
    Can I fill this now online to annomous and have it on file? thaks !!! Alot! terrileigh
  • 1704 Tacoma Rd Edgewater, MD 21037, USA - Londontowne
  • Stillmeadows Dr Severn, MD 21144, USA - Severn
    not necessarily abandoned, but the tractor of an 18 wheeler, parked on Stillmeadows Dr, in Spring Meadows
  • Walton Ave Brooklyn Park, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    Totaled unoperative truck been in the all for 3 months now. Blocking alley thru way
  • 9 2nd Ave 21225 - Brooklyn Park
    The civilian currently has a unregistered boat on Anne Arundel County Property in front of home. It is a danger when trying to back out my vehicles from driveway. We currently have parking issues and it only makes the parking issues worse. I’m currently trying to sell my property and potential buyers will see we have parking issues. Please help to resolve this issues at your earliest convenience.
  • 1045 Broadview Blvd Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
    Untagged boat parked in a NO PARKING ZONE. ACROSS from the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department. Broadview Blvd and 1st Street
  • 1512 Church Ln Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
    abandoned car sitting there over 3 months not from this neighborhood
  • 647 Ravenwood Dr Glen Burnie 21060, United States - Anne Arundel County, MD
    White Range Rover parked in the middle of the road for several hours blocking traffic. May be a guest at a party being hosted by 647 ravenwood drive.
  • Orchard Rd Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
    1007 Broadview Blvd S, Glen Burnie, 21061 at the corner of Orchard and Broadview. They leave a trailer in the way of drivers being able to see. If you are turning left onto Glendale to cross the tracks, the trailer blocks your view to see if a car is coming down Glendale (Glendale crosses the tracks). I have almost been hit by cars that don't stop at that stop sign and cant see me turning, or I cant see them. I asked them to please move the trailer to avoid an accident and they said no, deal with it.
  • Commanders Way Annapolis, MD, 21409, USA - Cape St. Claire
    This Jeep has been reported multiple times to the County because it has been abandoned. Please have it tagged and removed. This has gone on too long.