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  • 1708 Potomac Rd Edgewater 21037, United States - Londontowne
    Chevy or gmc box truck. White has USDOT numbers on drivers side door 3114540. North Carolina plates. Truck hasn’t moved for a few days. Has a holiday wreath on the front of the grille. It’s location is making it difficult for vehicles to get by safely. Is it even legal for a commercial vehicle to be parked on the street? Any information would be appreciated.
  • 419 Brooks Ct Glen Burnie/ Anne Arundel, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    untagged, flat ties, inappropriate parking, about 7-8 vehicles just for this one home, blocking other driveways and inhibiting traffic flow through the court.
  • 1203 Greyswood Rd Odenton 21113 United States - Odenton
    Blue/silver SUV. No tag on front. Flat tire. This residence is also switching tags to different vehicles parked on the street. Might want to see if this car’s rear tag is on it, but it’s front tag is on a car parked on the street. This may be a police matter as well.
  • Holly Hill Ln Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - Crofton
    Black Nissan Versa with No Tags on Holly Hill Ln near Reed Dr.
  • 1802 Norfolk Rd Glen Burnie 21061, United States - Glen Burnie
    This corner house has too many people and vehicles. They illegally park every day and block the entire view of the road and the turn making it dangerous for everyone else at this intersection. This is the second time I’ve brought this issue up. Do something before a wreck happens.
  • Outing Ave & 212th St Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Truck is parked on sidewalk with no tag
  • 7 Normandy Drive Apt A Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    The black honda with tinted windows and a rusty front right fender belongs to the tenants at 7a normandy drive. The car had temp tags on it this summer and now has no tags. The car is now parked on the street directly infront of my property at 9 normandy.
  • 12 Willow Rd Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Parole
    Multiple untagged vehicles on Willow Road, Annapolis, MD 21401. There are Multiple vehicles on State of Maryland property and private property on Willow Road Annapolis, MD on a paved area towards the end of the street. There is a sign that has been placed there that reads "Secretary Parking Reserved" There are unknown people running a "business" that involves multiple untagged vehicles.
  • 139 Olen Drive Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
    This has been reported several times and nothing changes Does Inspections and Permits actually follow up on these concerns?
  • 10 Walton Avenue Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    The people who live at 10 Walton Ave in Brooklyn Park are using the alley way to store two untagged inoperable vehicles. They have been there for over three weeks and are leaking large amounts of auto fluids all over the alley. Residents in the neighborhood can no longer drive down the alley if they need to get to their backyards because they are blocking it. This is the third report and nothing has been done. These vehicles need to be towed right away as they are blocking a right a way
  • 104 Elm Ave Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Ferndale
    There are multiple boats on trailers with no tags that take up half of the street. there is also a truck with no tags at same location. 104 Elm Ave glen Burnie MD 21061
  • Eugenia Ave And Washington Glen Burnie, Maryland - Ferndale
    broken down "rv" has been parked on the side of the road for months. Flat tires/body damage. Blocks half of the roadway so emergency vehicles are unable to pass.