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Police Non-Emergency

Open Issues: 424 Closed Issues: 1,525 Acknowledged Issues: 74
  • 206 Juniper Dr Glen Burnie 21060, United States - Glen Burnie
    Maroon Toyota Avalon tag # A344186 was towed & put out in front of my house & has not moved. The vehicle does not run and has been abandoned.
  • 8208 Carinoso Way Severn, MD, 21144, USA - Severn
    Silver Cheve Cruze, Virginia Plate VYY-4060, Dead Tags Nov 2018. Left on my street.
  • 1306-1310 Strawberry Ln Hanover, MD, 21076, USA - Severn
    Abandoned boat. Been there almost a year. Not function
  • 1306-1310 Strawberry Ln Hanover, MD, 21076, USA - Severn
    Unhitched trailer with no registration left at location for aprox 8 months!
  • 186 Campus Green Dr Annapolis 21012, United States - Arnold
    Two trailers.
  • 110 Silopanna Road Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    There are many cars parked on the street and this truck had been there for a year sitting and rusting and its impeding my neighbors ability to park his 8+ vehicles and my 1 car.
  • 7966 Elizabeth Rd Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Van has been here for months.
  • 113 Glenmont Ave Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
  • I-97 N Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    Merry merry Christmas! Happy new year! Yes, I need your assistance with something my counselor and pastor wants it known they understand and why I feel threned the woman upstairs received a letter from the office between you and me they said would send everyone a letter she's blaming me and making remarks and aking me feel therdent how can we address this without bringing us into it I'm under her she's getting worse with the banging my counselor thinks it on purpose not just always hearing when we are honest but is there any way I could get a police officer are detective in my place often without anyone knowing it? I'd appreciate it thank you! and all the law enforcement and may God be with you and I think of you and pray and thank you if you can circle around more I care about you and respect you alot and for awhile I was upset not at you still healing from something most say small are good people personally but we are made a mistake but trying to hear from that but I didn't think of it like breaking the law but my pastor assures me it's over and no worry's still would never do it again I'm very lery if this women and I have a few text and calls she's sent me something we wouldn't do easy with good people we know more family and friends but I don't know her that well and for a little bit just wanted to be a nice Neiorbor and kind and take her food and try to get her numbers for her dad to help him and she tuned this around be most people know better is there any way I could get an office in here tonight and often? Thank u? Terrileigh 422- A Seculued post circle Glen Burnie MD. 21061 - 410.269.3657
  • 1224 Annapolis Rd Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
    Vehicle has been parked outside yard for 3 days without moving. Have seen several different people approach the vehicle late at night (11pm to 1am).
  • 7599 Old Telegraph Rd Hanover, MD, 21076, USA - Severn
    Small grey Honda abandoned on Old Telegraph Rd. Front end damage and no license plate.
  • 351 Constitution Ct Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Ferndale
    Caravan with no front license plate and front right wheel off has been sitting like this for over 2 months