Water/Sewer PLUS


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  • 876 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Severna Park Maryland - Severna Park

    There is a leak in the roadway. It was "repaired" during the summer. Then there was a giant pothole that was repaired. But the leak continues.

    It's probably 100's if not 1000's of gallons/day

    Concern is twofold. What is happening below (think sinkhole)? What will happen this winter when the road starts to freeze (it will be a giant sheet of ice)?

  • Appalachian Drive Annapolis, Maryland - Green Haven
    Water streaming across sidewalk. Has green stuff in it. Additional picture in comments. Located at the corner of Appalachian Drive (county owned) and Mt Estate Court
  • Hillsboro Court Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    Possible leak underground. large pot hole has formed. Association received a proposal to repair and the contractor advised ,"There may be a leak in one of the utilities. The sub-grade is washed out pretty bad around 12 inches deep. I recommend having the county come out and verify there is not a leak prior to the repairs being made. It is possible it could just be a compaction issue but I would have county take a look at their utilities first before proceeding. "
  • 607 Delaware Ave Glen Burnie, MD 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    Water has been flowing out of the street since THURS 8/30 midday. The source is visibly from a crack between the street and curb.
  • 3 W.11th Avenue BROOKLYN PARK, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
  • 321 Alameda Parkway Arnold , Maryland - Arnold
    There is a Steele plate near the intersection of Alameda and Barrett Ave at the end of the driveway 321 Alameda. The plate is there due to county water pipe project. It is not secure and creates excessive road noise, which disrupts residence sleep during the night. Please have the contractor secure the plate. Thanks
  • Road MaintenanceAcknowledged
    1735–1799 Leisure Ln Glen Burnie 21061, United States - Ferndale
    Road work sinking. Can cause damage to autos traveling.
  • 246 Wendover Road Riviera Beach, MD 21122, United States of America - Riviera Beach
    Wastewater from washing machine at 246 Wendover Road empties into the yard, not the sewer.
  • 501 B Street Southwest Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    There is a deep eroded hole next to the sidewalk at the intersection of 4th Ave SW and B Street SW in Glen Burnie, 21061. This hole is large enough for someones foot to fall into and is next to the sidewalk used to walk to the elementary school. It appears to be erosion around a nearby storm drain system.
  • 113 Stockton Ln Arnold, Maryland - Arnold
    No water pressure. Water from faucet brown with lots of sediment
  • 1023 Sharon Dr glen burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    There is large amounts of water being dumped out from the front of my lawn onto the side walk , From a possible bad mainline overflow. I was advised to contact AA county. Please let me know what can be done i am the home owner at this address my name is Juan Rodriguez 240-374-2889
  • 702 Fairweather Court Gambrills, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    There is standing water in and around the water meter, which is lower than its surrounding area.