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  • 435 Old Line Ave Laurel, MD, 20724, USA - Maryland City
    I reported this leak before. A crew checked the meter and left. The leak is getting worse and is damaging the sidewalk and gutter. The leak is on private property and I am afraid it will affect my property at 435 Old Line Ave.
  • 2010 Harbour Gates Dr Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Parole
    Leaking water meter on Admiral drive in front of 2010 Harbor Gates Drive.
  • 1248 Ellicott Ave Churchton, MD, 20733, USA - Deale

    You recently told me the waste water meter reading I got was an actual reading. You also stated in your email that I received a notice that my meter, in 2019, needed to be replace since it no longer functioned properly. With that being said, how can you say that the reading you recently obtained was accurate when you said I needed to replace it? So do I need to replace it? If it doesnt work, how can you say the reading you obtained is anything other than wrong? I am aware that the replacement cost is on me. I feel this last bill is completely elevated with the attempt to force my hand to replace the current meter. This, in my opinion, is criminal. Whom do I contact now to move forward in replacing it? And, do you have an idea on the cost? I will seek legal council moving forward to this highly objectionable activity. Seems awfully sketchy to me.

    Your 50 year resident of AA Co.,
    Chris Tapia

  • 1506 Ingalls Rd Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    My washer broke at the end of March so for a full month on this billing cycle I did not have a washing machine to use. Also for almost a full month on the next billing cycle as I could not afford a new washer until towards the end of May. Yet my water bill is the same as the last quarter. Called The Water & Wastewater Service and was assured that the meter was read and my bill is correct. I believe the county just bills whatever they want as the same thing happened the last time my washer went up 8-10 years ago. Once before engineers came out because my neighbor complained and you guys had the two meters mixed up. Believe you were just out a year or two ago and replaced the meters and checked the lines. My main complaint is that I did without a washer for 2 months yet still show the same water usage.
  • 4800 Atwell Rd Shady Side, MD, 20764, USA - Shady Side
    Unsafe sail boat taking up public boat ramp. This boat has been docked here for months and shouldn't be tied up in loading area