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Inkster, MI

Open Issues: 29 Closed Issues: 57 Acknowledged Issues: 33
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    3922 Ash St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
    expired license plates
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    3105 Walnut St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    26059 Andover St Inkster Mi 48141 United States - Inkster
    Yellow van always parked, back door to van is open.
  • 30164 Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
  • 27148 Lucerne Dr Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Every time it rain, the street is flooded
  • 29488 Steinhauer Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Basement flooded from rain hot water heater went out furnace is out heating house with the stove washer and dryer didn't work furniture ruin tons of clothes lost among other items basement is a total disaster from the rain we had all weekend. Need emergency help
  • 4164 Spruce Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    the field next door to 4164 spruce has large weeds and trees that need to be cut they are overgrown most are dead and are damaging the fence on our property because the weight is pushing it over. they need to be cut. This is city property
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    29598 Beech St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
    Trash dump on Beech street west of Middlebelt.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    28001-28099 Cherry St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
    trash bags where dumps looks like it came from a local business like from a liquor store has lottery tickets empty packs of Newport cartons and tea boxes
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    28201 Parkwood Street Inkster, MI 48141, United States of America - Inkster
    1599 Magnolia
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    28241-28249 Parkwood St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
    A whole house full of items 27941 rosewood
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    26808 Yale St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster