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  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    19604 International Blvd SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Graffiti by entry of the new angle lake park nature trail from the new hotel parking lot.
  • 20824 24th Avenue South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The bushes that separate the roads in the middle: seriously overgrown. It is interfering with visibility. Needs trimming.
  • 25th Ln S SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    The bushes on the island are overgrown and it makes making a U-turn here very dangerous
  • 16627 34th Avenue South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Much of the 34th Ave S between S166th and S 170th St on both sides has places badly in need of trimming back from the sidewalk area to make it more walkable.
  • 2315 S 128th St SeaTac 98168, United States - SeaTac
    House has had a variety of maintenance issues for years. Previous complaints have yielded no improvement. As a home that has failed to comply with basic sanitary and maintenance rules for years and years please actually address as repeat offender and hold owner (it’s a rental) accountable. Issues include trash constantly strewn about including in yard, on sidewalk, on planting strip and in street which usually includes food scraps and many many beer cans and bottle, appliances left out (in front and seen from street on west side), cars parked on lawn and sidewalk used as driveway without looking for pedestrians, rats spotted, and disarray. There’s small kids living there with tons of adults who shouldn’t be forced to live in garbage and with rats running around
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    19030 28th Ave S SeaTac, WA 98188, USA - SeaTac
    Please restripe the cross walk
  • 3505–3711 S 160th St Tukwila 98188, United States - SeaTac
    This corner really needs a crosswalk across military. As well as signage before so People might slow down.
  • 16012 42nd Ave S Tukwila 98188, United States - Tukwila

    What are the chances of making this intersection (160th & 42nd) a four way stop. And maybe one of the other intersections between 154th and 160th on 42nd Ave.

    I think that would go a long way in slowing down the speeders on 42nd and make 160th a safer place to cross 42nd.

  • Des Moines Memorial Drive South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    There is not a Painted CROSSWALK where the paved trail crosses the 2 entrances to East bound 518 cross the paved trail. The paved trail does have wheelchair access at both entrances....NEED A CROSSWALK.
  • 19800 International Boulevard SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The stoplight at S.195th St and Int'l Blvd isn't prioritized correctly, at least in the early morning. I drive north on Int'l Blvd every morning about 4:45 am, and the light is green in the westbound direction for S.195th St (exiting Angle Lake Park). It stays that way for a couple of minutes, then turns green for north/south traffic on Int'l, but only for a few seconds. Then turns red again and green for westbound out of Angle Lake for a couple minutes. Since the park is closed at that time of day, it doesn't seem that it should have the priority. :-)
    Any chance someone could take a look and change it? I know it's really just a minor inconvenience, but those couple minutes could be the difference for someone running late for work or for a flight. Any questions please call me at 253-209-5317. Thanks!
  • 4255 S. 166 St. SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I would like to know if SeaTac offers street signs for easements. I live on an easement that serves three homes 4255,4257 and 4401 S166th.. We need a sign that states "private drive way" 4255, 4257, 4401. only no thoroughfare"
  • 5026 S. 182nd SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    We are continuing to experience a problem when pulling out of our driveway with cars speeding around the corner of 51st Ave S and S. 182nd St. headed up toward Military Rd. - today, for the umpteenth time, I was almost hit broadside by a car as I was pulling out of my own driveway - the car suddenly appeared as I entered the road...the cars are either stopping at the arterial stop and then "gunning it" up the hill, or failing to stop altogether...the City has told me that they do not have enough patrols to enforce this, I have one more suggestion, a relatively "simple" project, that might save my life in the future, please move the arterial stop sign 9and line) that stops traffic turning that corner much closer to the corner, so if cars do stop, at least I will be able to see them before I pull out...if they don't stop...well, nothing will save me then...and that's life I guess...the stop sign is placed so far back from the corner as to be useless - the "stopped" cars cannot see cars coming down S. 182nd St nor can they see cars pulling out of their driveways onto 182nd (like my daughter and I do each day...) - we appreciate your prompt attention to this matter... ~ Jini Allen, Seatac Resident, 24/7 Cell: 425/218-5577