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  • Email contactReconocido
    3425 South 176th Street #255 SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac

    I tried to email a traffic problem to and ended up with the email bouncing.

    People turn left out of the Light Rail drop off at 176th and International Blvd, thereby going the wrong way until they can move into the correct lane. I have also seen people turn left into the oncoming traffic lane from International blvd to enter the light rail drop off. Treadles would stop both . . .

  • 182nd St Seatac Washington - SeaTac
    i am writing to report a downed telephone line. it seems the wire from my house to the telephone pole was cut on the pole side, leaving me with yards of wire running from my house. whom do i get in contact to reconnect?
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    2916 S200th #9 SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I cant wait for my turn to redevelop that @#$% hole criminal out house you call a city can any one of you even spell Criminal conspiracy. Mandatory 15 years and you only have Chuck winters and brother in law Bob Eggit to thank and your self I think that you will all learn a lot at walla-walla
  • 17801 International Blvd SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    There are a lot of high paying jobs like heat and frost insulators on the airport construction project, but not a lot of blacks and minorities are being hired for these high paying jobs. There are usually blacks and minorities on the union out of work lists, but they are usually hired at the end of the job. If they are hired, they are usually treated bad or are layer off or fired for no good reason. Something needs to be done about this soon. This is wrong.
  • Lost WalletReconocido
    International Blvd & South 176th Street SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I lost my wallet in the bus and it contained all my IDs
  • OtherReconocido
    3723 S 164th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Utility lines down and blocking driveways
  • 1122 S 194th St Seattle, WA, 98148, USA - SeaTac
    1200 Block of S. 194th St, South side of road, overgrown plants in the city right of way are encroaching onto the roadway and need to be trimmed back. Also, the adjacent street sign for S. 194th street (located on EAST side of DMMD), is unreadable, due to overgrown bushes there.
  • 3595 S 188th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    City experimented with permeable concrete here, unfortunately it captures dirt allowing moss to grow on/ in the sidewalk making walking slippery especially in wet weather. Who is responsible for getting rid of the moss? Is the City going to get rid of the problem they created by replacing the sidewalk?
  • 3120 S 176th St Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - SeaTac
    Vacant lot next to the above address (Seven / Eleven) has become a trash dumping location and mice and rats have been observed. Homeless individuals are now setting up residence in the trees / bushes.
  • 170th St SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    all of the traffic signals are out
  • 2400–2448 S 142nd St SeaTac 98168, United States - SeaTac
    With the Glacier Middle school opening this has caused lots of traffic.
  • Seatac 98168 United States - SeaTac
    Broken glass all over the north west corner of the intersection probably from a car accident. Has now been there long enough where it’s not having just happened. Please clean up for bike, pedestrian and car safety.