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  • 17801 International Blvd SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    There are a lot of high paying jobs like heat and frost insulators on the airport construction project, but not a lot of blacks and minorities are being hired for these high paying jobs. There are usually blacks and minorities on the union out of work lists, but they are usually hired at the end of the job. If they are hired, they are usually treated bad or are layer off or fired for no good reason. Something needs to be done about this soon. This is wrong.
  • International Blvd & South 176th Street SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I lost my wallet in the bus and it contained all my IDs
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    3425 South 176th St Seattle, Washington - SeaTac
    Our community is having a community day with the PSFD and recology on site from 9am-noon on the 17th of this month. is there any way we can get a community service patrol car for kids to ask question and have an office speak on services. RMM Kathy sargent 206-919-6661 thank you