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  • ParkingRiconosciuto
    20403 12th Pl S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac

    Recently 12th Pl S was repaved. When doing so, my parking spot in front of my home was removed and replaced with grass. I have spoken to Mr. Lang regarding this and was told that they had made the decision to place grass in that area. I told him that I was not happy and that I am now having to park my car in my driveway along with my truck. We are a 2 car household and parking tandem is not working for my daughter and I. In expressing my issue with the decision the Mr. Lang made, He laughed at me twice. I told him that I thought he was very rude and very disrespectful. He told me that I can park my car on the surface street and I told him that I am afraid that it will get hit if it is parked there. Many of the residents on the street were given graveled parking in front of their homes and I do not understand why I am being discriminated against. I am a single parent and work very hard for what I have. The photos that Mr. Land sent me show that there was a parking spot in front of my home before they started the project. I purchased my home in 10/09 and at that time there was a parking spot in front of my home. I am requesting that the parking spot be put back so I can park my car in front of my home like my neighbors do.

    Thank you.
    Nelwyn Derrick
    20403 12th Pl S
    SeaTac, WA

  • OtherRiconosciuto
    3409 S 228th St SeaTac 98198, United States - SeaTac

    Please reduce the speed limit from 25 MPH to 15 MPH.

    Vehicles currently travel too fast for the conditions (downhill in residential area towards dead end).

    Please study the corridor and make the necessary revisions e.g. sidewalks, speed bumps, reduced posted speed limit, & etc.

    There’s at least 100 vehicles that travel this corridor daily to access the regionally acclaimed dog park, with minimal transit safety measures in place.

  • OtherRiconosciuto
    4427 S 166th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Very loud firework detonated in the area.
  • 20832 31st Lane South #A SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The lighting on 208th Street is poorly lit. Especially with working people, families, children coming from school, etc, trying to walk safely to their apartments. My concern for my safety and those of of others is now further triggered by drug activity, abandoned cars and house on 30th that has a lot of homeless people walking from the forest towards myself and others.. It is scary because I can barely see. There are TOO many children in the combined four apartment complexes on that's about 90-120 children because there are 4 buses that transport them to ONE school. Please show that you care for the safety of the children and families.
  • 3101 S 212th St SeaTac, WA 98198, USA - SeaTac
    There is a hole in the chain fence in this area and a homeless encampment may be forming there. People have been going in and out of that hole when they are not allowed to. Broken glass and needles have begun showing up on some nearby streets. Out of concern for the elderly and the children living in the area, please confirm if there is an encampment there, take action if there is an encampment there and take measures to prevent future homeless encampments.
  • OtherRiconosciuto
    3723 S 164th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Utility lines down and blocking driveways
  • OtherRiconosciuto
    19608 International Blvd SeaTac, WA 98188, USA - SeaTac
    There is A-tent pitched up in the Southern trail of angle lake park. a fellow happily asleep inside.
  • dangerous ditchesRiconosciuto
    3202 South 200th Street SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    We live on the corner of 32nd Ave South and 200th street. From our dining room we have view of ditches which are on the east side of 32nd Ave South. Every few weeks someone drives into the ditches, warranting use of police time and disruption to traffic flow. I believe with proper signage people might be able to avoid the ditches which would save drivers tow costs and save the city on police costs. Can something please be done?
    Thank you,
    Somer and James Davis
  • OtherRiconosciuto
    3445 S 160th St SeaTac, Washington - Tukwila

    Hi, my name is Hawa. There is someone I paid $180 and gave her 3 laptops and clothes. I paid her this in order she bring my stuff to Africa by airplane because she is pretending doing this job as "gp" . So since I gave her the money 2 weeks ago and my stuff in her apt in Renton, I didn't hear from her, she never picked my call too.
    I am very confused, and I don't know what action should I take. Can I go to her apt and call 911 or can I report it to the police?

    Best regard,

  • Email contactRiconosciuto
    3425 South 176th Street #255 SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac

    I tried to email a traffic problem to and ended up with the email bouncing.

    People turn left out of the Light Rail drop off at 176th and International Blvd, thereby going the wrong way until they can move into the correct lane. I have also seen people turn left into the oncoming traffic lane from International blvd to enter the light rail drop off. Treadles would stop both . . .

  • 182nd St Seatac Washington - SeaTac
    i am writing to report a downed telephone line. it seems the wire from my house to the telephone pole was cut on the pole side, leaving me with yards of wire running from my house. whom do i get in contact to reconnect?
  • OtherRiconosciuto
    2916 S200th #9 SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I cant wait for my turn to redevelop that @#$% hole criminal out house you call a city can any one of you even spell Criminal conspiracy. Mandatory 15 years and you only have Chuck winters and brother in law Bob Eggit to thank and your self I think that you will all learn a lot at walla-walla