City of SeaTac PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 510 Acknowledged Issues: 56
  • 1002–1578 S 150th St SeaTac 98168, United States - SeaTac
    Junked car between on side of road.
  • 17046 51st Avenue South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Coleman white popup camper. License No. 0210-VI. Tag year 2013. Been there a week.
  • 14129 31st Ave S SeaTac, King, Washington - SeaTac
    Black VW suv
    2 separate plates
    Dealer plate 8811 A
    Wa state APT7930
    Flat tire. Hasn't moved in months
  • 3716 S 168th St Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - SeaTac
    Wrecked Hundai Elantra parked for several weeks.
  • 3740 S 164th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    This car has been in this spot for 3-4 days, is parked in front of a mailbox and has a crashed front end. It looks like it was ditched.
  • 16208–16254 Military Rd S SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Damaged abandoned car with broken windshield and flat tire on public roadway. License bkt3106 dark blue Honda Accord 4door.
  • 16600 Block 31st Av S SeaTac, Wa - SeaTac
    Dark blue pickup parked on 31st Av S in 16600 blk. License plate missing. Parked directly in front of ‘No Parking’ sign
  • 814 S 194th St SeaTac, WA 98148, USA - SeaTac
    it hasn't moved in 18 months and has expired tabs. can this be towed?
  • 20231 14th Ave S Seattle, WA, 98198, USA - SeaTac
    This vehicle has been here full of garbage for over a year. So long that it shows up on google maps when you look up the address. This vehicle never moves and the garbage has built up to be in and around the vehicle.
  • 3750 S. 168th St. SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Two abandoned silver cars on 37th Place S. just off of S 168th St., next to Mcmicken Heights Elementary.
    One silver VW sedan that has over a years expired tags and one older silver Toyota sedan with no license plates that has been parked over a year behind the VW car.
  • 1101–1199 S 204th St SeaTac 98198, United States - SeaTac
    Car with expired tabs on cinder blocks
  • 1100 Block Of S. 194th St SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Litter along the 1100 block of S. 194th ST. (God I wish the PD would catch the person who keeps doing this!). Also illegal dumping along the S. 196th ST loop AND a dark brown couch dumped at SW corner of 8th AVE and S. 194th St.