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  • 3595 S 188th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    City experimented with permeable concrete here, unfortunately it captures dirt allowing moss to grow on/ in the sidewalk making walking slippery especially in wet weather. Who is responsible for getting rid of the moss? Is the City going to get rid of the problem they created by replacing the sidewalk?
  • 16233 34th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
  • 1128 S 204th St SeaTac 98198, United States - SeaTac
    1128 s 204th house is occupied by squatters. The house has no electricity and no water making it inhabitable. Electric meter was hot wired so PSE removed the power line to the house. Property is listed as bank owned by US bank.
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    170th St SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    all of the traffic signals are out
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    Seatac 98168 United States - SeaTac
    Broken glass all over the north west corner of the intersection probably from a car accident. Has now been there long enough where it’s not having just happened. Please clean up for bike, pedestrian and car safety.
  • 16012 42nd Ave S Tukwila 98188, United States - Tukwila

    What are the chances of making this intersection (160th & 42nd) a four way stop. And maybe one of the other intersections between 154th and 160th on 42nd Ave.

    I think that would go a long way in slowing down the speeders on 42nd and make 160th a safer place to cross 42nd.

  • Des Moines Memorial Drive South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    There is not a Painted CROSSWALK where the paved trail crosses the 2 entrances to East bound 518 cross the paved trail. The paved trail does have wheelchair access at both entrances....NEED A CROSSWALK.
  • Seatac 98168 United States - SeaTac
    This traffic signal is not timed well. Too much back up occurs East and West and the the light goes from green to yellow almost instantly.
  • 19801 32nd Ave S Apt 7 SEATAC, WA - SeaTac
    Corner of S. 198th Street and 32nd Ave S, newly installed (7 to 8 months ago) stop signs are for the most part being ignored by motorists. Many of those motorists use this as a short cut to circumvent traffic light at Military Road and S. 200th Street. They speed along 32nd & 198th to beat much of the traffic, blowing through the stop signs.
  • 26th Ave And 200th SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The traffic signal here does not give enough time for more than 2 cars. It's been this way for several weeks. It seems to only be the 200th street part. The signal for the cross street (26th Ave) seems to be fine.
  • S 200th St And 26th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac

    Opening 26th Ave S to traffic has been great for getting to Des Moines efficiently, but the traffic lights change much too quickly for the amount of traffic that uses the intersection now. Sometimes all the lights will stay red despite no one approaching from other directions which stalls the one lane that is waiting.

    During rush hour (5-7pm), when cars wait to turn west/left onto S 200 St from 26th Ave S, sometimes they have to wait 2-3 light cycles before they can turn due to nonstop incoming traffic from the north. I realize installing a turn lane traffic light may be requesting too much, but we shouldn't have to wait through several traffic light cycles to make a turn. It's not safe (or legal?) to have the car out in the middle of the road just to make a turn at the last second before, or right as, the light turns red.

  • S 200th St And 26th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    At the intersection of S 200th St and 26th Ave S close to the lIghtrail station and the Fed Detention Ctr, there needs to be green left turn arrows incorporated, instead of the left -turn- yield-to-traffic signs.There are so many vehicles using that intersection, it makes it impossible for a car wanting to turn left, until the light has turned red...causing traffic tie-ups and accidents.