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  • S 200th St And 26th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac

    Opening 26th Ave S to traffic has been great for getting to Des Moines efficiently, but the traffic lights change much too quickly for the amount of traffic that uses the intersection now. Sometimes all the lights will stay red despite no one approaching from other directions which stalls the one lane that is waiting.

    During rush hour (5-7pm), when cars wait to turn west/left onto S 200 St from 26th Ave S, sometimes they have to wait 2-3 light cycles before they can turn due to nonstop incoming traffic from the north. I realize installing a turn lane traffic light may be requesting too much, but we shouldn't have to wait through several traffic light cycles to make a turn. It's not safe (or legal?) to have the car out in the middle of the road just to make a turn at the last second before, or right as, the light turns red.

  • 12th Avenue South SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The 12th Ave S and Des Moines Memorial Drive sign post is broken off at the ground level. The stop sign is intact
  • 3522 S 200th St Seattle, WA, 98198, USA - SeaTac
    Insufficient early signage to switch lanes to show the right turn only. Police officer does group ticketing for cars trapped in the wrong lane due to that signage issue.
  • S. 200th St And 26th Av S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    The traffic signal needs to be adjusted due to the high volume of traffic: for vehicles going north and south, there should be a left arrow turn signal. Currently, cars have to yield when turning left. You can't even turn left when the light turns yellow because cars are still coming towards you. By the time the signal turns red, your car is the only car that takes the chance to turn left. This road/intersection is so bad as more people find out about 26th Av.S because they are avoiding PacHwy. Plz do something about this!
  • 178th Military Rd S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    A signal light should be installed by the library. Flashing crosswalk lights on the corners and road lights when crosswalk is in use. Or have orange flags available for crossing. Everytime I walk to the library with my young child, we have to wait a few minutes before we are able to cross. Traffic on one side may stop but the other side people just fly through the intersection.
  • 42nd Ave South SeaTac, Washington - Tukwila
    Traffic speeds between 160th and 165th are excessive and unsafe. There are no sidewalks and at times pedesrians have to walk in the road. It is only a matter of time before some one is hurt. I never see Seatac or Tukwilla (shared ownership of street) police attempt to mitigate or control the traffic.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    5048 S 179 St SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Occupant, James Gerard Monson residing in the garage. No running water. Does not meet code for living. Eats, sleeps, cooks, runs business, works out and LIVES in the garage. Occupant has a SaniCan inside next to his TV to use as a toilet. Refers to Adam Smith as 'his neighbor.' Photos of interior were submitted to David Reader. Tim Spencer is my former spouse and can attest to this issue as Mr. Monson moved FROM Mr. Spencer's house at 5054 S 179 ST into Mr. Smith's garage at the end of February 2017.
  • Military Rd & 188th SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    Going on Military Rd south there is one lane for turning West and going south; however on the south side of Military road there is ONLY one lane. There are 2 lanes marked going east. Common sense would dictate that the middle lane marked going east should also be marked for going straight . The right lane should be only for turning not for going straight. The present markings impede the movement of traffic. I travel the road very often and, because of the present markings, it creates confusion for the driver trying to cross 188th st and often they they go straight across 188th street using the middle lane that is marked "turning east". Please address the issue. Thank you. LCG
  • 21422 29th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac


    We were informed that a building would be going in at the dead end of our road, but not that there would be a perpetual cavalcade of 18-wheelers up and down our neighborhood street that are queuing up and blocking driveways.

    This has been ongoing for the last few days, and not only is it extremely noisy as they use air compression breaks, this is continuing throughout the duration of each day. They really should be hauling all the dirt and trees out on Pacific Highway, and not using our neighborhood as a queue and outlet for this stuff.

    Thanks, Whitney King

  • 29 Th Ave S SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I was told the trucks involved with the construction project on 29th avenue south were not supposed to drive backwards in this street without a pilot car. So far today i have seen all but 1 truck backing up without the pilot car. The one truck had 2 guys walking next to him as he backed down the street. There was one with a pilot car however the car was nose to nose with the truck--not sure how much help he would be if God forbid a kid ran out in the road. Super disappointed with everyone involved.
  • 3101 S 212th St SeaTac, WA 98198, USA - SeaTac
    There is a hole in the chain fence in this area and a homeless encampment may be forming there. People have been going in and out of that hole when they are not allowed to. Broken glass and needles have begun showing up on some nearby streets. Out of concern for the elderly and the children living in the area, please confirm if there is an encampment there, take action if there is an encampment there and take measures to prevent future homeless encampments.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    4427 S 166th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Very loud firework detonated in the area.