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  • Gorham Ave Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Our next door neighbor on the corner of Langer & Gorham have added and attached to their house another entrance or storage area. They also dug up their yard maybe a foot or so to attempt to level the yard. They then created a large size volleyball area along with maybe 8-9’ tall posts along the property line and added a long black net that goes along the property line to around a part of the front property. It’s such an awful eye sore when I shouldn't have to see this in a residential area. They should be respectful of our property as they would want us to be. Then come Friday to Sunday group of 8 or more play volleyball. They used to have chickens/rooster.
  • 49 N Sheffield St Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Hamden
    RV kept in front yard
  • 217-379 W Todd St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden
    In addition to cutting trees in a wetlands area, the property owner is storing several vehicles (construction, personal, and recreational) on the land.
  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    12 Alstrum Street Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    F&L Electrical once again has allowed their property to be unkempt - overrun dumpster which people are now using as their dump it has not been emptied in over a year. the brush is overgrown by the stop sign which is full of trash Leaves from last year are still not raked up. They do come to the business and see the condition but do not care I want it cleaned up or I will go to the local news. I hve more pictures if needed
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trl Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden

    Emailed on Tue 1/28/2020 at 6:10 PM

    "Behind Platos Closet off canal trail. Human feces, underwear and trash on trail."

  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    43 Swarthmore St Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    We moved in next door at the end of June. No one has been at the house. It is rotting, and there are animals living inside and inside the garage. Vegetation growing on the roof and gutters, garbage pails strewn in driveway and garbage bags and litter in the back yard. We are trying to find out information as to the status of this home. I have emailed David Garretson for information with no reply. I have also reviewed the ordinances on Blight and the role of the Clean and Green committee. There does not appear to be a way to contact committee members but rather must go a meeting. Please advise on the status.
  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    601-699 W Todd St Town of Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden

    Significant roadside litter along West Todd, especially at junction with Gaylord Mt. Rd.

    Significant roadside litter on Gaylord Mt. Rd. from its junction with West Woods Rd. up to town line.

  • 69 Michael Rd Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Mattress and other trash. Often dog droppings and unkempt yard. Sidewalk unusable.
  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    108 Hawthorne Ave Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    Bulk items put out after end of bulk pick up. Multiple mattresses.
  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    62 Hill St Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden

    The side yard and back yard are overgrown, causing an infestation of wildlife and ticks. The house has been vacant for 4 YEARS with no upkeep and there are animals going inside and outside of the house. There is also a down tree that has not been removed in 3 YEARS!!

    PLEASE have someone clean out and can someone get in contact with the son, Lance Vallin, to do something with this eye sore!!! He had someone park a vehicle in the driveway to make it look like someone lives there BUT no one lives in this blighted property and it is a HUGE health concern!!!!

    Thank you for your time and attention to this serious matter!

  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    Sanford St Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Excessive roadside litter along the entire length of Sanford St. - from Shepard Ave. to Dixwell.
  • Blight - GeneralAcknowledged
    34 Baldwin Rd Hamden 06514 United States - Hamden
    The homeowner doesn’t cut the grass or rake the leaves. Now there are trees growing up against the house causing the gutter to pull away.