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  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    6 Leatherman Trl Hamden 06518, United States - Hamden
    Storm drain at intersection of Leatherman and Fans Rock should be moved as water never runs in it but around it. Been like this the 13 years we’ve lived here. Creates a huge patch of ice every winter. Cars & buses slide in or out of Leatherman Trail. Often Dangerous. Need to sand regularly or better yet, move storm drain to catch flow of water.
  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    285-291 Blake Circle Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    Between 285 and 291 Blake Circle is a low area which I believe is for drainage. There is a large black plastic tarp over it now. How will the water drain and won't mosquitos breed in the resulting puddles? Note: there already are areas of water sitting on the tarp.
  • 120 Lincoln St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    There are no curbs and no drainage on Lincoln, Maher, and Harding. The sidewalks are an uneven hazard on a clear day, impossible to navigate in the rain. And, there’s no way to walk along the side of the road because it is a river as a result of no drainage and no curbs.
  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    110 Harrison Dr Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Culvert on Harrison across from house #77 is totally clogged. It needs to be cleaned out and inspected for the cracks in the pipeline. It is flooding everyone's back yards all the way down to Eleanor St. Several neighbors have also committed, to date it's still not looked at. I started in March!!
  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    24 Gordon St Hamden, Connecticut - Spring Glen
    Flooding on Gordon St close to intersection with Waite St. Public works has not responded to multiple requests on this site, Flooding is a traffic hazard and damaging property.
  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    1013 Dixwell Ave Rear Hamden 06514, États-Unis - Hamden
    Because of the hills of debris on the other side of the fence here, the canal trail gets flooded whenever there’s a substantial rain. No place for the rain to drain to.
  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    889-915 Benham St Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    Water over Benham St. continuously. Public work came out to clear roadside culvert couple week ago. Thanksgiving ice was 20'- 30' long across entire road. Several time cars were heard sliding. This problem is on going for several years and really needs to be addressed once and for all. Thank you, Ray Wetmore
  • 25 Arcadia Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden

    My house at 25 Arcadia experiences severe rear yard flooding basement flooding and with heavy rains basement flooding, This is a town issue, there is no curbing on a part of Battis road which abuts my rear yard, it is not my property but another homeowners on Battis road, there is no curbing on the North side of the road where the open grass area is and the run off flows freely into this grassed area and floods my reay yard and sometimes my basement and my neighbor's as well. This needs to be addressed, I do not know what the person who ownes the property says, but thats not my xoncern nor problem, this is a city roads and drainage issue which needs to be addressed, very soon, as I can not have this continue. I would hope and expect that someone will look into this and be in touch with me on this very important issue......
    Pictures attached...........

    Also, by 34 Arcadia, there is a very old cast irin catch basin grate set in asphalt. The one across from it was replaced yeats ago, but does not remove the water because of the crown in the road. This old catch basin has been reported for clogging and floodiing constantly today as well, the roadway floods and nothing is ever done, the catch basin is very very old and Needs to be vacumed cleaned and replaced.. I have many pictures of my yard, my nasement, my neighbors yard and the street basin... but your system will only allow 1 upload

    Robert Maluk
    25 Arcadia

  • Flood Zone Determinationتم إقراره
    50 Vernon Street Hamden, CT - Hamden_Feature 001
    Resident stopped by to complain about flooding on Whitney Ave and Forest Street. Water is collecting on Forest Street due to an imperfection of the new paved portion of Whitney Ave.
  • Road & Pothole Repairتم إقراره
    100 Carroll Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden

    I reside at 100 Carroll road, we have a dangerous ice accumulation that happens every year throughout the winter and it is getting worse, I don’t know where the water is coming from but the ice builds up in front of my driveway extending from our mailbox down the road and it extends further out to the street, this happens from the first freeze point through the winter and the buildup continues to form solid block of ice creating a dangerous condition. Please direct me as to who I can help with this, thank you for your help thank you for reading.

    Please contact me for additional help.
    Anthony Burroughs
    100 Carroll road

  • Drainage Issuesتم إقراره
    10 Deepwood Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    There is a significant amount of runoff water that comes from the street onto the property. This started happening a few years ago, after the paving/refinishing of the road.
  • 286 West Shepard Avenue And Paradise Avenue Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    At the corner of West Shepard and at the end of Parafise Avenue there is a thick layer or ice. Someone is going to have an accident very soon. I think there is a spring somewhere nearby and we are always having running water 💦 so when the temperature falls it becomes frozen. Our street never gets paved and no one seems to care about the danger people lives are in. Please don’t wait for someone to die. The water need to be channeled somewhere because it goes across the street. It is at a blind spot so that makes it more dangerous for people coming around the corner. Please come out before the temp goes up to assess the area.