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  • 57 Vantage Rd Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    The storm drain on Harrison Road Directly behind 57 and 59 Vantage Road needs to be cleared of the tree limbs and branches which are clogging the drain and creating pools of water in our backyards.
    If public works come out to clear the water drainage system? They did on several occasions in the past 2 years
  • 33 Thompson St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Hi… I would like to report a drain back up on Thompson Street, Hamden CT. Location is between 39 and 45 thompson.
  • 1934 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
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  • 39 Village Cir Hamden, Connecticut, 06514 - Hamden
    Resident called in to have the Catch Basin cleared fronting the property.
    Excavation work recently done nearby and all debris and leaves are now clogging the Catch Basin. Please process accordingly. Thank you>
  • 300 Ives St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1

    Can the culverts in the area of 300 Ives crossing the road be cleaned and evaluated for condition. Can the three catch basins and drainage line in front of 245 Ives be cleaned also.

    The system was overwhelmed on 7/9/2021 but also is being overwhelmed on smaller storms.

  • 118 Bedford Ave Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    Resident is asking that Catch Basins fronting 118 Bedford Ave and 111 Bedford Ave be cleaned of packed leaves and debris.
    The area is flooding.
    Thank you.
  • 17 Wiscassett Ave Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
    Following up on this request
  • 06518 Hamden, CT, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Storm Drain at 17 Wiscassett Ave causes car to bottom out when driving in and out of driveway. The storm drain seems to be collapsing and a secondary steel top was placed over it but it is unsafe and full of debris. Someone can easily trip over it as well
  • 2480 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Someone zip tied this hay/straw mat over the drain on Whitney Ave.
    When we have a big storm the water pools for two or three days. Can you tell me why this mat was zip tied to the drain? The water was going down just fine prior to this mat being installed. Can someone shed some light on this matter or just come and remove this hay/straw mat? Thank you.
  • 35 Maher Ave Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    During heavy downpours a large puddle forms in our driveway. This is from today’s rain, a simple thunderstorm on 09/16/20201. I would like to know if we could install a drain as we are at the end of the little uphill and all of the water puddles on our property. I would also like to know if we could have a barrier built as this dip (which is also on my neighbors property 41 Maher) is caused by parking due to little league games in the neighboring field. We have had multiple instances in which people park on the lawn.
  • 1701 Shepard Ave Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden

    A sinkhole was observed in the front of the catch basin in front of #1701 Shepard across the street from Hillfield Road.

    surface hole is approximately 10" long along the catch basin top and measures about 12" deep according to the photo emailed to Engineering.

  • 112 Leatherman Trail Hamden CT 06518, United States - Hamden
    Water runoff turns to ice and creates hazard. Please moving an existing drain or adding a drain to catch the runoff. This is a safety issue and has stopped mail deliveries which include prescriptions .