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  • 60 Worth Ave Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Please clear the area between Route 15 (Wilbur Cross Pkwy), the Clarion Hotel and 70-100 Worth Ave. This is a low-lying and vine infested area with chipmunk infestation. As summer is approaching, I am afraid ticks that cause Lyme Disease might affect residents and pets in the neighborhood. Thanks!
  • 245 Main St Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Large dead branch on oak tree hanging over the street. Rotted near trunk, could fall into street
  • 167 Oberlin Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06514 - Hamden
    Someone needs to check this tree in front 167 Oberlin rd branches are falling off often into the street .There is a medium width branch in-front now.
  • 203 Treadwell St Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Hamden
    The tree on the dog walk in front of our house is partly dead, with significant girdling. It is very close to power lines and frequently drops small branches. Will the town be removing this tree? Hope so! Thanks.
  • 38 Pelham Ave Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
    Neighbors say branch has dead limbs and It is unsafe.
  • 34 Manor St Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden
    Tree at UI pole 3344 is rotted at base and throughout trunk. If it comes down it will take a lot of power lines with it.
  • 179 Augur St Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden
    Ash tree - already showing signs of ash borer infestation. This tree is in close proximity to my garage and fence bordering my property, so there’s a good chance it may cause considerable property damage.
  • 128–174 Evergreen Ave Hamden CT 06518, United States - Hamden_Feature 001
    Multiple areas of over grown brush in to the street and low hanging tree limbs. Hazard to cars and pedestrians. Trucks come through and hit low limbs as well. Some leaning and old trees that will come down during the next string storm. Thanks
  • 30 Westerfield Rd Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Hello! I am at 30 Westerfield Rd. I have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed. It is leaning into my yard and is pushing on my tree. I am concerned that it may fall
  • 190 Westminster St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Tree limbs close to roof of the house.
  • 142 Carmalt Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Spring Glen
    Downed large limbs, tree rotted, black. Needs to be removed. Thank you!
  • 116 Brook St Hamden CT 06514, United States - Hamden
    Thanks for the bridge on Brook street Now how about the area on Circular Ave near the parkway In that area everything is overgrown You have to walk in the street Lots of people walk this area Both sides of parkway from house to house Also carriages in brook Thanks ?