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  • Tree Removal & TrimmingПризнана
    128–174 Evergreen Ave Hamden CT 06518, United States - Hamden_Feature 001
    Multiple areas of over grown brush in to the street and low hanging tree limbs. Hazard to cars and pedestrians. Trucks come through and hit low limbs as well. Some leaning and old trees that will come down during the next string storm. Thanks
  • 10 Read Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
    Whose responsibility to trim the tree branch hanging on these utility cables? The homeowner, the town, or UI?
  • 190 Westminster St Hamden CT 06518, United States - Hamden_Feature 001
    Concerned about the tree limbs hanging over the power lines.
  • 77 Valley Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06514 - Hamden
    This tree needs to be cut down such a liability to city if it fall tree is very sick. Houses, cars and power lines. It was once tagged to be cut down and city removed the tag. Constantly picking up branches when ever we have wind and lots of rain.
  • 39 Hampton Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06518 - Hamden_Feature 001
    We have two trees that have both been trimmed over a year ago. We were told they were going to come back and remove one of the trees, limbs keep falling. No one ever came back and we would like both trees removed.
    Thank you,
  • 241 Goodrich St Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden
    The trees in question need to be removed. One tree had limbs fall and broke the windshield of a car
  • 45 Wood St Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Hamden
    Tree is mostly dead and has a lot of insect infestation at the base. Dropped a lot of very large branches last year and is leaning. Odd side of Fern St between Wood & Manor, across from 42 Fern St.
  • 68 Renshaw Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
    There are a lot of trees growing around/near the powerlines. They really should be trimmed to prevent severe potential damage from a storm.
  • 109 Ardmore St Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Spring Glen
    There's a dead/dying tree limb over power/phone lines, sidewalk, and street. Public safety hazard requesting dead limb be trimmed
  • 265 River Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden
    Trees from previous storms need to be removed from the upstream side of the bridge. The trees are resting on the bridge railings and are within our right of way to be removed.
  • 06514 Hamden, CT, USA - Hamden_Feature 001
    Rotting tree
  • Leo Rd Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden
    There are a few large broken limbs hanging precariously over the sidewalk in front of my house at 66 Leo Road. It is the tree on the corner of Leo and Smith