Public Works PLUS

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  • 239 Brook St Hamden CT 06514, United States - Hamden
    I am standing at the location that needs to be cleaned up Thanks
  • 35 Woodruff St Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
  • Waite St Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    Dead racoon on Waite Street between Whitney Ave. and Gordon St
  • 219 Brook St Hamden CT 06514, United States - Hamden
    Still waiting to clean up the bridge here I reported this many times
  • 716-738 Mix Ave Town of Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    Mix Avenue between the Plaza and Skiff Street is like a minefield going in both directions. It is badly in need of repaying. When will this be done? Tomorrow would not be too soon.
  • Mather St Hamden, CT, 06514, USA - Hamden
    I received a notice that my request for
    paving or filling the potholes had been fulfilled and the issue had been closed. I drove down Mather St this afternoon and the potholes are as big or bigger than before. This issue has been reported on numerous occasions over the last several years.
    Nothing has been done! If Public Works continues to ignore this, should it be reported to my council representative?
  • Glendale St Hamden, Connecticut, 06517 - Hamden
    at the intersection of Putnam Ave
  • 629 Benham St Hamden CT 06514, United States - Hamden
    Hello, They have been digging under the street for utility work on a 1/2 mile strip of Benham. They have been replacing the pavement they dig out but now this well traveled main road is like a rough 1/2 mile off-road course. Me as well as all of my neighbors drive over it everyday and it's destroying our cars shocks. Please help.
  • Anns Farm Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden District 1
    Sink Hole on corner of Anns Farm and Biehl
  • 179-191 Mather St Town of Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Hamden
    Mather street is ruining my car!! The potholes are out of control. The road needs to be replaced once and for all.
  • Road & Pothole RepairĐược thừa nhận
    Pine Rock Ave Hamden, Connecticut, 06514 - Hamden
    Where they put new pipes in needs to be repaved
  • 1125 Still Hill Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden
    The road should be repaved, from the intersection of Brooksvale/Still Hill to the Farming Canal Trail crosswalk nearby. The road has become very uneven and fills with large amounts of water when it rains