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  • 1800 Nw 5th Ave Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    My toddler and I were nearly run over today while walking to daycare. (and this is by far not the first time) We were on the 5th Ave sidewalk trying to cross 18th Ter . No one stops at the stop sign at NW 18th Terr and 5th Ave. Drivers headed North on 18th Terr cannot even see to the right on 5th Ave until they are on 5th Ave so everyone drives right through the Stop sign, everyday, all day which is in the JJ Finley school sign. Once on 5th Ave, they don't bother to stop at the intersection of 5th and 19th either - from any direction. GPDs efforts to show up once or twice a year hasn't helped. So much more traffic now than in the 90s when the city last looked at it and the City of Gvl really needs to slow it down!!! This is a residential area and a SCHOOL ZONE. And whoever decided to put parking on the North side rather than the South was truly design impaired. Most people parking on the street are going to the school so why make them cross the street?