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  • Water Leak in Roadオープン
    211 Osgood Ave New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    It looks like water is coming up in the road. It has gotten progressively wetter in recent weeks. This morning, a puddle had formed, and it was starting to ice up.
  • OtherADIは、
    65 Kelsey St New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain

    Where Kelsey meets Sheffield Street the manhole area is being raised, while the curb side is sinking lower and lower each year.

    During the summer when we take our truck camper out, we are about to tip over towards the telephone pole. This pole connects to the electrical pole across the street which has been compensated by an car collision.

    During the winter, our cars are required to dip further than normal when driving into the curbside across our driveway. Oftentimes, these are fearful times when we are placed into dangerous positions from the dipping of the street.

    This was reported to the city about two years ago when the city was most cooperative by paving the breakage where the driveway meets the street. Now, the time has come for more street work to prevent a major catastrophe from happening to those who drive in and out of the driveway.

    I look forward in hearing from the public works department, MARK MORIARTY, whom I spoke to years ago about the street issue on Kelsey.

    Thank you in advance!

  • OtherADIは、
    372 East St New Britain, CT 06051, USA - New Britain
    collapse at abandoned school on Kelsey street and is a major SAFETY issue
  • OtherADIは、
    149 Chapman St. New Britain 06051 United States - New Britain
    The Public Works Contractors working on the corner of Chapman and Belden Streets have run over the portion of lawn between the sidewalk and the street over and over. We have no cameras, but in this case we have actual photos of the tire tracks leading up to the damage. The app only allows one photo. Please let us know if you’d like to see the rest.
  • Box Trucks ADIは、
    Childs St & Judd Ave New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Two Enterprise rental trucks are parked there daily. It's illegal.
  • 77 Lexington Street New Britain, Connecticut - New Britain
    This location is a business (Law firm) that is unable to receive incoming telephone calls from town facilities such as police department, courthouse or other local businesses in the New Britain area. In discussion with the phone company they said it had something to do with the town and the way the lines were set up. Can you please call me to discuss? Virgen Rodriguez 860-827-0880.
  • Otherオープン
    215 Layton Ln New Britain 06053, United States - New Britain
    Curb damage - plow trucks
  • Other ADIは、
    888 Farmington Ave New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    When Lurton St was repaved this is how it looks at the end of our driveway now.
  • 923 Farmington Ave New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain

    Good day. A construction sign was placed on the sidewalk when work crews were repaving Farmington Avenue. The sigh has been left behind. Please make arrangements to have it picked up. I constantly need to move it around every time I mow the lawn.


  • Judd Ave New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Corner of Judd Avenue and Childs Street street
  • Otherオープン
    185 Main St New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain
    Unshoveled sidewalk. Difficult to navigate especially for persons with disabilities
  • 51 Mitchell St New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    Over the past couple of weeks I noticed a dominant crack in road, then a couple weeks later a second crack appeared and now this week a 3rd crack appeared all in the same area. Just wanted someone to come take a look to make sure there's nothing bad going on under the road. These cracks weren't here before. They just started appearing.