City of New Britain PLUS

Open Issues: 13 Closed Issues: 2,241 Acknowledged Issues: 24
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    55 Rosemary Ln New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    in front of driveway
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    20 Crescent Ave New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    There is pothole in the middle of the st and is getting big. 2 cars at ready damages their from wheels .please can you team cover that pothole and make new britain better
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    South St New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Pothole at the corner of south & high street
  • 46 Jubilee St New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain
    Trash day is on Friday morning , the cans stay in front of the street for a whole week , the wind drags them down all over the street sometimes and sidewalks . Please do something about this . There is always trash informs of the house too .
  • 676–698 Osgood Ave New Britain 06053, United States - New Britain
    Property has been abandoned for years and isn’t appealing to the neighborhood whatsoever
  • 300 East St New Britain, CT 06051, USA - New Britain
    paint left out is all over. this is a hazard to the environment and people
  • 912 Corbin Ave New Britain, CT, 06052, USA - New Britain
    We are a 3 family home and use just 2 brown & blue barrel. for our trash.
    This summer our trash was NOT picked up and when calling to ask them to come back for ours (the neighbor's were picked up, not ours) It has happened 3 if not 4 times and I hear there is no where to put the trash! We pay our taxes and expect to have this service.I should not have to call to get the job done and then be told, wait until next pick up. I am very upset about this, esp since it is summer time.
  • 24 Roxbury Rd New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain

    The tree in the center of this attached photo clearly shows the hazard it creates to the home at 24 Roxbury Road and 10 Roxbury Road. This tree is extremely tall with a small root system. The tree is not firmly anchored in the ground which creates an unstable threat during severe weather events such as the wind storm which passed through this area 10-31-19. Fortunately we dodged another catastrophe during this recent weather event.

    If this tree is healthy do not remove it. Trim it down so that the impending potential of damage to 24 Roxbury Road and 10 Roxbury Road will be eliminated. Otherwise, if the tree is unhealthy remove it.

    The city has been warned numerous times regarding this hazardous tree situation. Please update this database with your intentions.

  • Tree RelatedAcknowledged
    Blake Rd New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    There are several trees that are dead and hanging over Blake Rd that need to be removed. There is a large branch that has fallen and is sticking into the road at the top of Blake closer to Kim Dr. In recent months this has been occurring more frequently. This really needs to be addressed before winter settles in and becomes more of a hazard.
  • Tree RelatedAcknowledged
    37 Gladiola St New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    Resident at 37 Gladiola Street throws acorns, leaves and other "natural" debris from her yard into road. It creates an obstacle for drivers, is very unsightly and hazardous for both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Water Leak in RoadAcknowledged
    308 Commonwealth Ave New Britain 06053, United States - New Britain
    Every once in a while water seems to appear out of nowhere in this area. No trail anywhere. Seems like it’s coming from underneath that area of road. Gets dangerous during winter.
  • 211 Osgood Ave New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    It looks like water is coming up in the road. It has gotten progressively wetter in recent weeks. This morning, a puddle had formed, and it was starting to ice up.