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  • 530 South Mckee Avenue Hamilton Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    large chunks of concrete came out from around the storm drain in middle of this very busy intersection leaving a large pothole and weakening the structure of the storm drain. this could become very dangerous if the structure fails and the large square grate falls in to the drain
  • Newport Avenu ventnor, Nj, 08406 - Ventnor City
    It appears that the street has never been plowed. Thanks!
  • 6201 Atlantic Ave Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
  • South New Orleans Avenue And Aloe Street Galloway, Atlantic County, New Jersey - Hamilton Township
    There is a fallen tree that is being held up over the roadway by utility cables between to electric poles on S. New Orleans Avenue in Galloway Township, NJ between Aloe Street and the railroad tracks. This fallen tree is not coned, barricaded, or otherwise marked. People are driving right under it. The only thing holding up the remainder of the tree is the utility cable. I realize that this is a Galloway Township issue, but this is my best resource to fix this concern. The tree has been like this, unmarked or blocked, since it fell sometime Wednesday evening during the storm.
  • 120 N Newport Ave Ventnor City, NJ 08406, USA - Ventnor City
    Tide has receded, no rain, water just sits. Drain pipe is ineffective.
  • Tilton And Burton Ave NORTHFIELD, New Jersey - Northfield