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  • Sammamish WA - Sammamish
    large Wasp/Bee nest reported. Caller not sure if the School District or City is responsible for containment or removal. Wasp is located near rhododendron bush near corner of chain fence line on walking entry path to school grounds
  • 2601 226th Avenue Southeast Issaquah, Washington - Sammamish
    Light in shower of Ladies Room has burned out. Also, now that summer is over, could the water be hotter in the shower?
  • 2013 245th Ave Se Sammamish, Washington - Sammamish
  • 21812 Southeast 33rd Place Issaquah, WA - Sammamish
    Resident just had her driveway repaved. Now a crack has formed where the culvert under the driveway is. She called her contractor about it and says that the contractor said the pipe must be a damaged pipe and implied that it is the city's responsibility. She would like someone to come out and take a look at it and make a determination.
  • 24527 Southeast 30th Street Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Mr. Evers reports that he was promised last year that streets/storm crew would come out and fix the ditches on SE 30th ST and 247th Ave SE (they flood and back up and at the corner they are filled with garbage and debris but the drop off is too deep for citizens to go in and retrieve the stuff). He would appreciate someone looking into whether this is on the schedule for work this year and get back to him with the status of this request. He spoke with Waylen last year.
  • Se Issaquah-Beaver Lake Road Sammamish, Washington - Sammamish
    Traffic Light OR Roundabout. There is a yellow flashing light at this junction, but this is not enough. Too many cars speed down Issaquah-Beaver Lake Road. Also there is a crosswalk at this junction and can become a safety issue.
  • 21615 Northeast 17th Place Sammamish, Washington - Sammamish
    People don't seem to know (or perhaps don't care) that they are not supposed to park on or near a crosswalk. During drop off and pick up times at Margaret Mead, it is not unusual to find cars parked right around and even across the crosswalk at this intersection. (See image, attached, taken during the morning drop off time.) Perhaps signage and/or painted lines to indicate where parking should not occur would help.
  • Public Park IssueAcknowledged
    22401 Washington 202 Redmond, WA - Sammamish
    a large tree that had fallen (broken off ) in the green belt behind our yard. Some pieces of it nudged the back fence of our neighbor. There is still a large part of this dead tree still standing, and it’s dropped some more pieces lately.. We’re concerned about possible damage to fence and/or to people who might happen to be in the area if the rest of the tree decides to go. I am attaching some pictures of the pieces that fell and of the remainder of the tree
  • Public Park IssueAcknowledged
    4607 East Lake Sammamish Parkway Northeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    The faucet in the women's restroom of Sammamish Landing Park comes off when you touch it
  • Public Park IssueAcknowledged
    2600 244th Avenue Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    This is a request for future consideration. There is currently only one bench hear the lake at Beaver Lake Park. It would be really nice to have a couple more benches installed there. There isn't a lot of seating options to sit near the lake.
  • Road IssueAcknowledged
    211th Way Ne And Ne 18th Pl Sammamish, Washington - Sammamish
    211th Way NE and NE 16th St from 216th Ave NE to 205th Pl NE in Timberline Ridge needs to be repaved. The blacktop is cracked, rough and has several potholes. These two streets are in much worse shape than 205th Pl NE was before it was repaved in August.
  • Road IssueAcknowledged
    24803 Se 17th St Sammamish, WA 98075, USA - Sammamish
    A company doing road work left this sign .on the ago. Can the city pick it up?