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  • Townsend Ave East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore
    The address is 1042 Townsend Ave, NEW HAVEN, ct 06512, which is owned by the city of New Haven.
    There 2 problem trees that are a imminent danger to both our house and garage at 1030 Townsend Ave, New Haven, Ct, 06512.
    The one that is hanging over our garage is hollowed out at the base of huge branch that is hanging over our garage. I have more pictures available if needed. Our lawyer suggested we email the Mayor, LCI, and Public works, and CC our insurance company. We are starting here first to hopefully get a prompt response.
  • 28 Hazel St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Newhallville
    City owned lot behind church has tree stumps that continue to grow vines and heavy leafy growth that climbs onto adjacent properties on Hazel and Starr streets. It is also used as a dumping ground by passersby. Finally, there is a sinkhole at the back of this property, as well.
  • 117 Lloyd St New Haven CT 06513, United States - Fair Haven
    Building vacant due to 2 Alarm fire.
  • 38 Pardee Pl New Haven, CT, 06515, USA - Amity
    There remain 4 large trash and recycling bins and assorted other objects on the sidewalk throughout the week at 40-42 Pardee Place. The situation has now worsened, not improved. The residents at 48 Pardee Place have ceased taking their cans in each week, and the residents at 36-38 Pardee Place have joined their neighbors in violating the regulations by leaving their toters on the sidewalk all week. Can Livable City Initiative (LCI) and/or any other city entity get involved to successfully enforce the regulations for safe sidewalks at this time please? The situation has become worse, and is now treacherous not only at 40 Pardee Place but all the way from 36 Pardee through 48 Pardee.
  • Toter HoursAcknowledged
    418 Shelton Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Newhallville
    Resident reports that trash toters are always in front of property