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  • 164 Peat Meadow Rd New Haven CT 06513, United States - Annex
    Drains on peat meadow completely covered with leaves and tree debris. Entire area needs cleaning, tree cutting, leave removal and drain cleaning because the water is building up when it rains. Please assist before the next big rain storm occurs. Drains in entire area need cleaning to avoid continued flooding.
  • 205 Fulton Ter East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    Turn been so many can please so many years and nothing has been done it’s been over a 5year Needs to be replaced and fix the road please really please replace
  • 115 Girard Ave East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore
    The curbs in front of the house are broken and create a danger to the seniors getting off the bus.
    They are all broken and need repair/replacement. Please tell us if there is any plan to pave any of our street sin the Morris cove/Annex area. We have many streets Stewart/Girard/Burr Street near airport that have not been paved in years. We have been forgotten in this neighborhood and the taxes are high here.
    Thank You for you assistance in this matter!!
  • 99 Harrington Avenue New Haven, CT - Annex
    Resident is requesting curbing for the block.
  • 31 Chapel St New Haven CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    Resident called and the sidewalk is lifting. Please inspect.
  • PotholesReconocido
    1162 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Quinnipiac
    Numerous potholes on Quinnipiac ave starting from Hemingway to foxon Blvd. Potholes are on both sides of the road.
  • 667 Winthrop Ave New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Beaver Hills
    Location starts at 667 Winthrop Ave all the way through 16 Glen Rd, please inspect sidewalk.
  • 496 Elm St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dwight
    The sidewalk at 496 and across the street at 495 needs to be repaired. At the 495 address the sidewalk is raised up approximately 6 inches by a tree root. Very dangerous to pedestrians, especially handicapped and elderly persons.
  • 671 Elm St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    sidewalk damage on block, both sides
  • 17 Sea St New Haven CT 06519, United States - City Point

    The pier at this location is a city maintained property and it is desperately in need of repair. I am an older gentlemen and due to negligent maintenance, I partially fell through a section of the pier where planks are missing. I was badly scraped but grateful it wasn't worse.

    Please have someone come and repair this pier so the public can safely use it.

  • Blake St New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports flooding due to storm draining water properly on Blake St right before you reach the Valley St intersection.
  • 29 Frank St New Haven, Connecticut, 06519 - Hill
    This vacant home which is in very poor condition, there are over 20 to 30 cats that are being kept by a middle age Hispanic female that feeds them on a daily basis. The cat community in this house has increased so much that has the potential of a health hazard. A solution has to be found. Also this property needs to be demolished once snd for all