New Haven: Internal PLUS

Open Issues: 78 Closed Issues: 534 Acknowledged Issues: 138
  • 220 Everit St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    This drain/pipe hole is not securely covered. In the hooked school play area.
  • 245 Dwight St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dwight
    This pole needs to be removed or properly secured so it does not topple over.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    634 Woodward Ave New Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    When the apartment units at this location were permitted and sewer/water hookups were dug, the road was not made good and a depression in the road has remained. Is the contractor who did the initial excavation not responsible for making the surface level and good prior to the property certified as being habitable? Developers of properties should not be allowed to make our streets worse due to negligent contractors.
  • 500 Foxion Road New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac
    There is a metal rod implanted in the walking path that presents a tripping hazard. It is near the telephone pole.
  • 41 Dwight St New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Dwight
    Tons of downed branches and leaves that need to be cleaned up by the City.
  • 296 Bassett St New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Newhallville
    The people living at this property keep leaving their two dogs outside all day and night. Constant barking throughout the day. A total nuisance. I know this is a code violation. Someone please help. This is hindering the neighborhood's quality of life.
  • 431 Orange St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - SOHU

    Flooding in NHPA Lot 131.
    Have told NHPA quite a few times and nothing has been done.

    Its been two years and when raining you cannot walk out of lot unless you tread water.
    Multiple spaces are unavailable for up to a week afterwards leaving no spots left when lot is full.

  • Platt St & Elm St New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Dwight
    Repeated reporting …
  • 550 Fort Hale Rd New Haven, Connecticut, 06512 - East Shore
    There are rats running around on Fort Hale Rd and Hall Street. Today I finally found out where they're coming from. The Airbnb house on 550 Fort Hale Rd. They have loud parties with crowds all the time and the trash doesn't get emptied. It just stays there on the property until someone puts it out to the front. Sometimes it stays there for a month and just keeps piling up because there are parties there all the time. The neighbors have all seen rats in that trash. And also on their properties. Either this gets fixed immediately or I am going to call WTNH.
  • 79 Chambers St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    Rats all over the street ! Visible . City was here twice . No resolve . Ongoing issue .
  • 75 Morse Pl New Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore

    This property has had a porta-potty in the side yard for at least four years (see Google Street View from 2019,+New+Haven,+CT+06512/@41.2715944,-72.8978264,3a,75y,187.3h,86.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUlwXzvYRDsZnGA1OxY4_qA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m6!3m5!1s0x89e7d7f87555a00f:0x41766423573494c5!8m2!3d41.2713716!4d-72.8979802!10e5?entry=ttu)

    This is unsanitary and also just looks gross. Please address with homeowner. Thank you.

  • 66 Norton St New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Edgewood
    Dead mice in the walls of the apartments are attracting more mice. It's also leaving an unpleasant odor in the apartments that are making tenants sick