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  • 5700–5714 Chowen Ave S Edina 55410, United States - Edina
    There is what appears to be a (small and furry) bat on a tree just outside of the fence that goes around the basketball court at Chowen Park. A resident across from the park had said it hasn't moved in at least 36 hours. It's within reach of dogs and kids so we're hoping it can be removed.
  • 6120 Ashcroft Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55424, USA - Edina
    Dog barking problem persists after first warning, happens at all hours of day and night. Please let owner know that this is a problem and that her neighbors experience disrupted sleep and peace and quiet of their homes. She says “he’s just saying hi” - no, absolutely not. A ferociously barking dog does not signal hi.
  • 6009 Saint Johns Ave Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    Dead animal
  • Damaged MailboxAcknowledged
    5200 Blake Rd S Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina
    My mailbox was flatten by the snow plow on Friday March 1st. Fortunately, the post was encased in frozen snow and appears undamaged. I took a rubber mallet and beat the metal box back in shape but a number of seams came apart and I had to use screws and interior wood blocking to hold it together. I have since purchased a new mailbox and order vinyl numbers (total cost $35) to replace the damaged one once the snow melts. My neighbor mentioned yesterday that the City of Edina would reimburse me for the damage but I didn't take any photos of the initial damaged. Can I still apply for reimbursement?
  • Mn-62 E Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina

    On Xerxes Ave S exit ramp from East County Rd 62,
    Traffic light warning sign is down. On the same ramp, just before the intersection, there is a lane indication sign that is bent over.

    Here are google street view images of the locations:


  • 5401-5413 W 70th St Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    It would be great if it could be removed soon and the perpetrators caught.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    7143 Valley View Rd Minneapolis, MN 55439, USA - Edina
    Comcast was here running fiber optics and in the course of operation they have damaged the roots of a tree, and left multiple holes in our property. they have also spread sand to to cover other holes, and grass will not grow. the holes are not marked and are a risk to children who often play in the yard. due to the nature of the work and weight of machinery the soil has reseeded and sunk. we have attempted contact with them who promised a resolution by April 15th. unfortunately they have not corrected the situation. is there anything the city can help us to get it right ? aside from the risk to our children this decreases the value of our properties. thank you in advance
  • OtherOpen
    4909 Hibiscus Ave Minneapolis, MN 55435, USA - Edina
    the fence by the bike path entrance is damaged from a car running into it this winter. can the city fix the fence? it looks junky either way it is all damaged right now.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    7117 Ohms Ln Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    Large tree fallen and hanging on top of pathway
  • walking pathAcknowledged
    5005 Oakbend Ln Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina
    There is a public walking path at the end of oak bend lane that connects to the adjacent street,the gray gravel rocks have been getting a little thin thru the years and perhaps it could be made a little wider in a few spots?
  • Food poisoning Acknowledged
    3155 Galleria Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina
    This was the only place I ate for the day and a couple of hours after. I started to pour out sweat and spiked a fever of 103. This place needs a health inspection, as I'm not the only one leaving similar reviews on google about food poisoning. They are lucky in the aspect that I'm younger and can fend off bad rotting food. But somebody who is older and has auto immune disorders could have been seriously affected or worse killed by this restaurant called The Cov.
  • Roadkill on StreetAcknowledged
    6020 Abbott Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55410, USA - Edina
    There is a dead squirrel on the street in front of 6020 and 6021 Abbott Avenue S in Edina. Please come out and remove it.