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    4328 W 58th St Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    This house has been without siding for over a year and is an eyesore. This is in violation of Edina code (Article XIV, section 10-596 -completion of exterior)
  • 5909 Tracy Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina

    At the top layer of the retaining wall at this address, many of the top course of bricks/stones are loose. Children are attracted to it and walk on the top of the wall. More mortar is needed to secure the loose stones.

    This retaining wall was built as part of the Tracy Ave reconstruction two years ago.

  • 4821 Roycar Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina
    Are these types of large recreational vehicles allowed in Edina and private neighborhoods?
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    6024 Grove Cir Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    New curb damaged in numerous areas in front of house by snow plow.
  • 5801 Beard Ave S Edina 55410 United States - Edina
    Over grown shrubs/bushes at the side of their driveway against the end of the alley. We have to pull
    out nearly into 58th Street to see traffic. With all the road construction going on over here, many more cars are traveling the alley and using 58th Street as a detour. Please trim the obstruction of view.
  • 5220 W 70th St Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    Between 70th and rabun and 70th and Cahill there are so many bushes and trees that hang so far on the sidewalk you can barely walk. You have to duck under them to walk along the sidewalk. Sometimes you have to go in the street because they are so overgrown and taking over the sidewalk.
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    4909 Hibiscus Ave Minneapolis, MN 55435, USA - Edina
    the fence by the bike path entrance is damaged from a car running into it this winter. can the city fix the fence? it looks junky either way it is all damaged right now.
  • William Wardwell Lewis Park 7300 Cahill Rd, Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    There is a huge hole in the sidewalk near the pond.
  • 5900 Tamarac Ln Edina, MN 55436, USA - Edina
    Steep drop off (5') into creek right next to paved trail. No rail, trail goes right up to drop off. Caused Injury to 3 year old, needed a tall person (not mom) to fish her and bike out. Needs solution, lucky no bones broke (just scraps), but she also initially stuck under water. Area is just past the bridge over 9 mile creek on the park side of paved trail from Tamarac Ln. Please call if you have questions. Thanks!
  • Olinger Rd Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    Drinking fountain doesn’t have enough pressure to shoot high enough to be able to drink the water.
  • 4238 Scott Terrace Minneapolis, MN 55416, USA - Edina
    We have a cracked and sunken sidewalk that has caused a number of minor accidents with all the young kids on the block riding their bikes and scooters on the sidewalk. There is also a no parking sign the is right next to the cracked/sunken sidewalk that would be great to move 10ft to the south on the property line between me and my neighbor. There have been many close calls with the sign post next to the sunken/cracked sidewalk. I would love if you could check it out and hopefully repair. Thank you!
  • Sod DamagedADIは、
    6000 Kaymar Dr Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina
    Someone that was doing underground utility locating drove there vehicle down the public sidewalk & on to my property damaging my yard. There are utility identification flags on my property that say "City of Edina" on them. Please repair the damage.