Edina, MN MAIS

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    6024 Grove Cir Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    New curb damaged in numerous areas in front of house by snow plow.
  • Centennial Lakes Park 7499 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina

    Hello and Good Afternoon

    I am starting to get signatures to get these green scooters eliminated from the beautiful and diverse scenery that we call Centennial Lakes.

    There are many reasons this has hit home for me. One, safety. While walking up to the curb by the fountains, there were 4 or 5 scooters laying scattered on their side. With as many elderly that walk in that area, someone is liable to get hurt. Secondly, they can move up to 15 miles per hour. I didn't appreciate two millennials flying by me and my children as we were walking. Third, they are a COMPLETE eye sore. All cities require trashcans be out of site from the street view, and this should be no different. They are ugly, some of them well worn and does a HUGE disservice to those enjoying the scenery.

    Can I politely ask "Why?" What the need for these eye sores at THIS particular lake? I undertand the alternative transportation initative, but please. Around Centennial? ITs not that far around. I can see the need around the larger mpls lakes, so people can get to one side of the lake or another, but here at Centennial the 'lake' is so small - there is NO need for these cruising vehicles but to appease the young people that use them.

    If anything, please remove them out of sight to a location where people can rent and leave them when they are finished. If I have another close episode where I did the other day, you will hear from me. There are MANY others that feel the same as I do.


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    4900 Brookside Ave Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    Please have signs removed and trim trees. It’s extremely hard to see around this corner to turn left.
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    7601 Stonewood Ct Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    On Tuesday night we had dark brown sediment coming out of the bathtub. We have been running the water and it is still not clear. It’s not dark brown, but now it’s a yellow brown. I think someone may need to come out and see what is going on. Thanks.
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    7075 Amundson Ave Edina - Edina
    This truck has been sitting over the weekend in the same spot . Also has been around off and on over the last month. Sometimes for weeks at a time
  • 5801 Brookview Ave Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    Blocking path
  • 6623-6699 Gleason Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    retaining walls need to be cleaned up....
  • 54th St W & Wooddale Ave Edina, MN 55424, USA - Edina
    this hedge separating the golf course from wooddale ave. is overgrown and obstructing signs including blocking stop sign as approaching the intersection from the north until very close. I believe it to be Buckthorn overgrowth as well.
  • 5051 Eden Ave Edina 55436 United States - Edina
    At the intersection of Eden Avenue and W. Frontage Rd., if you are heading east, the stop sign is not visible as it is hidden by tree branches.
  • 5746–5776 State Highway 100 Service Rd Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    The grass is cut along the frontage road, but the weeds are growing over and into the curbs and gutters on the frontage road. It looks awful and do unkempt. Some of the weeds are 3 feet tall out of the curbing.
    Why would you not take care of that when you cut the grass. Take a drive along the frontage road. All the way from Benton to OLG.
  • 6200 Halifax Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55424, USA - Edina
    Along 62nd Street between France and Pamela park, weeds growing in area of newly planted lillies. Weeds ruin the attempt to make the street more attractive.
  • 6900 Gleason Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    The walking path on gleason from the corner of the highschool all the way to the golf course has many weeds and is never taken care of.