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    6000–6098 Concord Ave Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    Road construction needs to be completed. Remove debris from road and add finished topping to hole.
  • Garbage piling upAcknowledged
    4249 Crocker Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55416, USA - Edina
    Garbage from new construction on the corner of Morningside and Crocker has been on the curb of Morningside for weeks. It's penned in by snow fencing but it's been accumulating over the last few weeks.
  • 4821 Roycar Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina
    Are these types of large recreational vehicles allowed in Edina and private neighborhoods?
  • Fence over heightAcknowledged
    5709 York Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55410, USA - Edina


    My neighbor has a fence in the backyard along the side of our property is that is 8' tall in several spots.

    We're looking add to/alter our portion of the fence and would like the height to be uniform where possible.

    We've discussed with the neighbor with no results.


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    5816 Abbott Ave S Edina 55410 United States - Edina
    Every week this family overflows their garbage can and some of their garbage goes in the alley. They never pick it up! Rude
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    4328 W 58th St Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    This house has been without siding for over a year and is an eyesore. This is in violation of Edina code (Article XIV, section 10-596 -completion of exterior)
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    7104 Amundson Ave Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    The city of Edina is so great about keeping our beloved city clean and then there is this outdoor storage closet that is such an eyesore. How do they get away with this? Please tell the tenants to clean this area up since we all have to look at it every day. Awful.
  • 5909 Tracy Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina

    At the top layer of the retaining wall at this address, many of the top course of bricks/stones are loose. Children are attracted to it and walk on the top of the wall. More mortar is needed to secure the loose stones.

    This retaining wall was built as part of the Tracy Ave reconstruction two years ago.

  • 7039-7099 Cahill Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    The fence and adjacent area needs to be cleaned up. There must be an ordinance that governs unsightly business property. The paint is peeling off, the fence is propped up by a board, misc stuff is stacked near it. The signage has been painted over in various colors. This entire area is an eyesore. Please review your applicable ordinances and get this area in compliance. Thank you! Carole & Gordon Chivatero
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    5535 Village Dr Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    Political sign on public property.
  • 4208 Morningside Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55416, USA - Edina
    Large dirt pile from new home construction is blocking the sidewalk infront of the house.
  • Centennial Lakes Park 7499 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina

    Hello and Good Afternoon

    I am starting to get signatures to get these green scooters eliminated from the beautiful and diverse scenery that we call Centennial Lakes.

    There are many reasons this has hit home for me. One, safety. While walking up to the curb by the fountains, there were 4 or 5 scooters laying scattered on their side. With as many elderly that walk in that area, someone is liable to get hurt. Secondly, they can move up to 15 miles per hour. I didn't appreciate two millennials flying by me and my children as we were walking. Third, they are a COMPLETE eye sore. All cities require trashcans be out of site from the street view, and this should be no different. They are ugly, some of them well worn and does a HUGE disservice to those enjoying the scenery.

    Can I politely ask "Why?" What the need for these eye sores at THIS particular lake? I undertand the alternative transportation initative, but please. Around Centennial? ITs not that far around. I can see the need around the larger mpls lakes, so people can get to one side of the lake or another, but here at Centennial the 'lake' is so small - there is NO need for these cruising vehicles but to appease the young people that use them.

    If anything, please remove them out of sight to a location where people can rent and leave them when they are finished. If I have another close episode where I did the other day, you will hear from me. There are MANY others that feel the same as I do.