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  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    Gear Running Store 4406 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55410, USA - Edina

    My 5 year old child was almost run over Monday April 15.

    My child was holding my hand. We didn't dart out into the road. We were wearing bright colors. We waited at the corner for all cars to stop at the red light & for the walking light to turn green. We were practicing safe street crossing and purposely went to the corner. The light changed to red, we looked around and all cars were at a full stop. The walking signal turned green for us. We started walking across in the marked crosswalk. A single driver decided not to wait and bypassed to the right all the stopped cars to speed through the light to take a right turn. The driver did not even yield. They barely stopped for us (we were already in the middle of the crosswalk). The car proceeded to pass me, even after I put my hand out to say 'stop'.

    Edina needs to do something. We have had so many incidents & near misses over the years. We now drive everywhere, when we should be able to safely walk or bike to local area shops. My kiddo, yours, anyone's could have ended up worse than just the skinned knee.

    Please, can Edina put out a pedestrian safety law sign, and/or a 'No Turn On Red', and/or bright orange crossing guard flags on the Edina side corners of Sunnyside Rd/France Ave/44th St?

    Thank you for working to make Edina for safe and pedestrian and community friendly.

  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    W 42nd St & Grimes Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55416, USA - Edina

    42nd & Grimes is a busy intersection in mornings and particularly in the afternoons. This is exactly the time when kids are crossing the street to go to Weber Park after school.

    I have watched repeatedly as cars slide through the stop signs, treating them as a yield sign. Over and over cars do not wait for kids to exit the crosswalk but instead drive around them. Several occasions there have been some near misses as a kid dropped something and turned back to pick it up and another tripped in the crosswalk. The cars did not wait, they drove around them while they were legally in the crosswalk. The kids were not going too slowly or playing in the street. The kids were abiding the law, the cars were not.

    This is a huge safety concern. Kids & their families need to be able to safely use the crosswalk to go to and from the Weber Park without having a car drive in front or around them as they cross.

    Please, can Edina put up some visual reminders for drivers: a MN Pedestrian Law sign, or blinking crosswalk, orange flags for kids to grab as they cross, a patrol, anything?

    Thank you for your assistance in making our neighborhood safer for pedestrians.

  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    3113 West 60th Street Edina Mn 55410 - Edina
    The recent closure of the France ave bridge has rerouted a ridiculous amount of traffic down 60th Street. Cars are traveling in excess of 45 mph at times. Additional safety measures need to be taken by the city of Edina to ensure the safety of residents that live in this area. Steps include adding additional stop signs installing a traffic speed notification display. This is unacceptable & frankly unfair to residents that reside in this area of Edina. Please advise on next steps.
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    W 77th St Minneapolis, MN, 55435, USA - Edina
    Is there any information on how long the street/lane closure on 77th street over hwy 100 will be lasting? It is down right dangerous at rush hour. Cars are backed up to get off hwy 100, not many cars get thru on the green lights. People are trying to driving west when the west bound is closed. Would like to avoid the whole mess but I car pool with my husband who works at Seagate.
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    4239 Crocker Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55416, USA - Edina
    Street in front of our house is on a hill. Road is completely iced over and wet. I pulled my car out slowly and it spun 180 degrees and slid down the hill. We're trapped. Sand, please!
  • OtherAcknowledged
    5520 Hansen Rd Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    Kids are driving 50MPH town Gleason and into Garden Park at all times of the day and night playing nerf wars. There are kids and dog and walkers all over this park and it is so unsafe. My daughter almost got run over on her bike from a reckless teen pulling into the parking lot going way too fast
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    Mn-62 E Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    East bound exit from 62 on to Gleason Road. Left turn from exit on to Gleason is hazardous during during rush hour. The traffic on Gleason is heavy and initiating a left turn is very tricky. The traffic on the exit backs up. Also the left turn on the "service" road. I can't remember the name of it but it is parallel to the exit ramp.
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    6116 Xerxes Ave S Edina 55410, United States - Edina
    Hit and run accident. Parked gold Tahoe (I think) obviously hit by passing traffic. I didn’t see the accident but passed by at 2:58PM.
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    6012 Xerxes Ave S Edina 55410, United States - Edina
    Vehicles make illegal right side pass on cars looking to turn at intersection causing near miss accidents. Illegal pass needs to be enforced or city needs to add turn lane at intersection. This is worse now with France Ave closed
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    5937 Kellogg Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55424, USA - Edina

    Two separate construction sites (one north and one south of 60th street on Kellogg Avenue) have completely blocked traffic, not allowing vehicles to pass. The one to the south of 60th, which occurred on May 7, involved a truck doing concrete work which blocked the road which prevented a bus from getting through. Initially, the workers completely disregarded this complaint, and did so in a crass manner. This remained blocked until a neighbor asked them to move, which they eventually did after suggesting that the bus could get through if it tried (it could not).

    On the site to the north of 60th, several construction vehicles blocked the road on the morning of May 9, which again did not allow traffic to pass. One worker suggested that their blocking the street was not their problem, but rather of that cars trying to drive on Kellogg. After some time, a non-offending construction truck moved from the curb to allow passage; however, the truck blocking the road remained.

  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    4500 Arden Ave Edina 55424, United States - Edina
    There is a large vehicle (black Denali) that obstructs the side walk every evening (usually from 5:30pm to 7:30am) making the sidewalk inaccessible for any walkers, strollers, or people with limited mobility and wheelchairs. It is forcing people and kids to move towards walking on the street.
  • Traffic SafetyAcknowledged
    6504 Nordic Dr Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    We continue to have high school students parking on our streets (all corners and both sides of the road), all day long. It causes blind corners and narrow lanes and is not safe and a nuisance. I would like to hear from the group that is studying this issue and provide some feedback.