City of Shoreline - Public Works / Customer Response Team PLUS

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  • Traffic SignsΑναγνωρισμένο
    205-299 North 195th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    There is a bit of slag, indicating a sign used to be there. All along 195th there are no parking signs, but in this section there is none. Frequently, a van parks on the south side of the street, entirely blocking the walkway, requiring school kids to walk in the street during busy afternoon traffic times. Requesting installation/replacement of a no parking sign.
  • buckled sidewalkΑναγνωρισμένο
    18403 Meridian Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Buckled sidewalk areas, lots of places one can trip. Can we get some cement & smooth these over so there isn't anything to trip on?
    This was reported a while ago and it was forwarded on, but nothing further happened about fixing these and pedestrians can still easily trip. This is especially a hazard as the weather is rainy, slippery leaves accumulate, and in the winter when frost occurs. Any way to seriously improve on this?
    Thank you!
  • Damaged guardrailΑναγνωρισμένο
    1600-1650 Northeast 196th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    This guardrail was smashed by a tree last year during a storm and still hasn't been repaired.
  • Uneven sidewalkΑναγνωρισμένο
    18831 Meridian Ave. N. Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    I was walking by this location and stubbed my toe on a badly uneven bit of sidewalk. A nearby neighbor told me it's been like that for at least four years. I'll be fine but could easily have fallen on my face or fractured a kneecap.
  • Buckled sidewalkΑναγνωρισμένο
    17022-17032 5th Avenue Northeast Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    This is not safe with a buckled sidewalk from the tree roots and a utility hand hole or vault lid that is sticking up causing a additional tripping hazard
  • Other Sidewalk hazzardΑναγνωρισμένο
    25th Ave Ne & Ne 195th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    The section of the sidewalk between 25th Ave NE & NE 195th (Going North on Ballinger Way) near the sign that reads "Ballinger Neighborhood" has concrete slabs that protrude dangerously high and are a hazard and liability for someone on a wheelchair, stroller, etc. where they can tip over. This needs to be leveled or replaced. School children also walk on this section of the sidewalk on their way to the school bus stop.
  • Traffic Sensors Not Working Αναγνωρισμένο
    15755-15999 Dayton Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    The buried vehicle sensors and stoplight timers stopped working properly, following the 3-hour power outage last week. They need to be rebooted or reset at this intersection. Up until now they always tripped the stoplight quickly but now it takes several minutes for the lights to change to green.
  • gravel needed on shouldersΑναγνωρισμένο
    1821 N 192nd Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Gravel needed on the shoulder. Muddy puddles are forming. Also in front on 19221 Burke Ave N and 19243 Wallingford Ave N huge puddles form on the shoulders and need to be filled with gravel.
  • Other - SidewalkΑναγνωρισμένο
    312 Northwest 185th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Tree root (?) tilting up fractured sidewalk concrete makes it very challenging to pass in wheelchair (wicked pitch of rider toward st). Sidewalk damage is approx. 70ft W of N-side bus stop near NW Richmond Beach Rd & 3rd Ave NW (site is adj to E entrance Maplewood Court Apts, 328 NW Richmond Beach Rd). Anything you can do would be much appreciated!
  • OtherΑναγνωρισμένο
    195th And 3rd. Ave. N.W. Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline

    A one inch Upset of a section of the side walk that caused a walking accident on Friday, Dec. 1 2017
    About 80 feet south of the intersection of 3rd Ave. N.W. and 195th st., on the West side of the street, my spouse, Ingrid had a nasty tripping fall on Friday, Dec. 1st, 2017. Luckily she didn't break any bones but did sustain painful bruising of her body.

    Luckily some drivers stopped and helped her get home.

    Please, would you have some grind down that offset. Thank you so much.

  • OtherΑναγνωρισμένο
    17128 3rd Ave Nw Shoreline, WA 98177, USA - Shoreline
    The curb/barrier has been pushed so there isn't a curb on the side of this corner and hill.
  • Hole in SidewalkΑναγνωρισμένο
    3rd Ave Nw & Richmond Beach Road Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    There is a hole in the sidewalk from an uncapped pipe of some kind. It is big enough to trip over but too small to fall into. It has been there for quite a while (months)